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Bristol privateers and ships of war (1930)

J. W. Damer Powell (Nautical historian)

The cruise of the privateer Trimmer and the capture of the merchantman La Lune alias The Moon (2011)

John C. Symons

Privateers on the Dorset coast 1793-1805 (2005)

David Clammer

Privateers and prizes: how Weymouth profited from war, 1775-1815 (2005)

G. J. Davies

Sir Henry Morgan, the buccaneer: from an original portrait in the British Museum (1842)

My lads, the rest of the galleons with the treasure from La Plata, are waiting ... the flying Pallas ... at Plymouth (1980?)

Thomas Cochrane (10th Earl of Dundonald)

The Admiral Edwards privateer, and some of her exploits (1912)

H. Wilson Holman

Copy of an agreement between William Newman and the officers and crew of the privateer "The Admiral Edwards" of Dartmouth (1913)

London capitalists, Channel Islands seafarers and Devon's private ships-of-war, 1739-48 (1991)

David J. Starkey

Some transactions of a Dartmouth privateer during the French wars at the end of the century (1987)

Colin Elliot

British privateering against the Dutch in the American revolutionary war, 1780-1783 (1987)

David J. Starkey

Topsham privateer King George (1915)

G. T. Windyer Morris

Topsham privateer, "King George", 1779 (1914)

H. Wilson Holman

This is to give notice (1908)

Rowe, J. Brooking

Letter of Marque in the possession of Sir Cuthbert E. Peeke, Bart, of Rousdon (1900)

P. F. S. Amery

Some clues as to the identity of the privateer King George (1995)

Sadrus Bhanji

A note on the privateering career of the King George, 1779 (1986)

David J. Starkey

Henry IV and John Hawley, privateer, 1399-1408 (1979)

Stephen P. Pistono

Captured at sea: merchant ships captured in the south west seas of Britain in the time of Napoleon, 1803-1815 (2011)

Colin R. Rees

Diary of Benjamin F.Palmer, privateersman: while a prisoner on board English war ships at sea ... Melville Island & at Dartmoor (1914)

Benjamin F. Palmer

Notes on privateering (198-)

British privateering enterprise in the eighteenth century (1988)

David J. Starkey

English privateering voyages to the West Indies, 1588-1595 (1959)

Kenneth R. Andrews

Studies in British privateering, trading enterprise and seamen's welfare, 1775-1900 (1987)