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Memoirs of the unemployed: with appendices on 'How the workless spend their money' and 'the psychology of the unemployed from a medical point of view' (1934)

H. L. Beales

Glen's poor law act 1930: together with the unrepealed sections of the poor law act 1927, the audit (local authorities) act 1927, and the poor law provisions of the local government act 1929 (in so ... (1930)

Randolph Alexander Glen

Welfare in Widecombe 1700-1900: an illustrated journey through local archives (2019)

Roger Claxton

Poor law records for family historians (2011)

Simon Fowler

Long procession waiting for potatoes (1917)

Payments to itinerant travellers seeking alms in Hartland, 1612-1706 (2009)

Stephen Hobbs

Group holding up card, waiting for potatoes (1917)