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Angel Dorothy: how an American progressive came to Devon (2017)

Jane Brown

Dorothy: Dorothy Whitney Straight Elmhirst, 1887-1968 (2011)

Jane Brown

Funding the Ladder: the Passmore Edwards Legacy (2011)

Dean Evans

George Muller of Bristol (1805-1898) (2008)

Arthur T. Pierson

George Muller of Bristol (1805-1898) (2008)

Arthur T. Pierson

Captain Thomas Coram: upon whose petition and sollicitation the royal charter for ye Foundling Hospital was granted by His Majesty King George ye Second 17 of October 1739 (1749)

James McArdell

John Howard Esqr. (1791)

Thomas Holloway

Wrote 'Glorious Devon' (1936)

Sir Robert Parr : Champion of ill-treated children (1930)

Obituary : the director of N.S.P.C.C (1932)

Richard Sparke (1991)

R. H. White

Obituary notices: J.B.Paige-Browne (1894)

W. Harpley

Sir Thomas Tyrwhitt: a brief appraisal (1999)

Trevor James

Obituary notices: Mrs Tanner-Davy (1895)

W. Harpley

Obituary notices: William Lavers (1895)

W. Harpley

Obituary notices: John Hamlyn (1899)

W. Harpley

The sky's the limit: the story of Bristol philanthropist John James (2001)

Roy Avery

Edward Colston and Bristol (1999)

Kenneth O. Morgan

Oliver Mainwaring (1---)

Howard M. Buck

Richard Tapper Cadbury 1768 - 1860 (1944)

William A. Cadbury

In memoriam ... Lucy Georgina Barnes (1881)

Memoir of Mr.Thomas M.Haswell (1843)

Philip C. Turner

Memoir of the late Mr.George Franklin, J.P., an Exeter philanthropist (1909)

J. H. C-

Peter Fabyan Sparke Amery 1839-1907 and John Sparke Amery 1845- 1929 (1934)

P. F. S. Amery

Solomon Caesar Malan (1969)

Valentine Ackland

A living reality: the faith principle in the life of George Muller (1985)

Roger John Steer

Memoirs of the life of Mrs Hannah More (1839)

Roberts, William

John Dinham of Exeter: a biographical sketch (1880)

Dinham, John

Passmore Edwards institutions: founding and opening ceremonies (1900)

J. J. Macdonald (Biographer)

Sir Thomas Wilton, J.P., C.A., 1861-1929: a biography (1996)

T. N. P. Wilton

George Muller and Andrew Reed ([1949?)

Emma Raymond Pitman

Dame Agnes Weston (1971)

Doris Gulliver

Paper on Elize Hele (1889)

Jones, Winslow

George Muller of Bristol (1905)

Arthur T. Pierson

George Muller of Bristol (1899)

Arthur T. Pierson

Autobiography of George Muller, or a million and a half in answer to prayer (1914)

Muller, George

The late Miss Montgomery ([1919])

Richard Cadbury of Birmingham (1906)

Helen Cadbury Alexander

Agnes Weston, the sailors' friend ([1940])

Jennie Chappell

The life and good works of John Passmore Edwards (1981)

R. S. Best

Edmund Robert Morgan 1888 - 1979 (Man of God and friend to many) (, )

A. J. Beach

To love one's enemies: the life and work of Emily Hobhouse (1994)

Jennifer Hobhouse Balme

Archie Ballard: the pied piper of Plymouth (1994)

George Male

J.Passmore Edwards: philanthropist (1902)

E.Harcourt Burrage

Lady Georgina Fullerton: a Bournemouth benefactor (1991)

John Barker

Thomas Holloway, Victorian philanthropist: a biographical essay (1990)

Anthony Harrison-Barbet

Hannah More (1990)

Jeremy Collingwood

Delighted in God: a biography of George Muller. (1990)

Roger John Steer

Memoir of the late John Dinham of Exeter (1877)

Dinham, John