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Execution sites of Devon & Cornwall (2013)

Richard Peirce

24 A martyr relic ([1925?])

T. B. Woth

Piece of the stake at which Thomas Benet was burned on the 10th January 1531 ([1931])

W. Weaver Baker

[ Post with an iron ring found at Livery Dole, Exeter] ([1900?)

Tapley-Soper, H

Summary of the trial, the confession and behaviour of Thomas Luscombe, who was executed Friday March 26 ... for murder ... (1813)

Account of the three malefactors this day (July30,1763) ([1784])

The last dying speech and confession of the two malefactors who were executed at Ilchester on Wednesday the 28th day of April, 1819 (1977)

... a most barbarous, dreadful, and shocking murder ... (1983)

Maxted, Ian