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The glass bulldog (2019)

Alison Huntingford

Late harvest: a passionate West Country saga (2016)

Fiona Buckley

The missing diamond: a Black & Dod historical mystery (2019)

Diane Janes

Moorland forensics: Devil's realm (2019)

Julie D. Jones

The wounded snake (2019)

Fay Sampson

The bone garden (2021)

Ellis, Kate

Death in Devon (2015)

Ian Sansom

A cursed inheritance (2017)

Ellis, Kate

The house of eyes (2016)

Ellis, Kate

The plague maiden (2017)

Ellis, Kate

The Bone yard (2017)

Mark Sennen

The skeleton room (2021)

Ellis, Kate

The angel in the glass (2018)

Alys Clare

Moorland foresnsics: bound by Polaris (2017)

Julie D. Jones

The mermaid's scream (2017)

Ellis, Kate

The marriage hearse (2017)

Ellis, Kate

Crime in the city of Exeter (c.1928)

A grim almanac of Dorset (2011)

Nicola Sly

Grave-robbers and Bodysnatchers in Devon (2009)

Patricia Gray

A grim almanac of Cornwall (2009)

John Van Der Kiste

Somerset: a chilling history of crime and punishment (2009)

Evans, Roger

A grim almanac of Devon (2008)

John Van Der Kiste

An enquiry into the causes of the late increase of robbers &c. with some proposals for remedying this growing evil ... - 2nd ed (1751)

Fielding, Henry

The manifold causes of rural crime: sheep-stealing in England, c 1740-1840 (1982)

John G Rule

From custom to crime: wood-gathering in 18 and early 19 century England:a focus for conflict in Hampshire, Wiltshire & the South (1982)

Robert W. Bushaway

Crime and society in thirteenth-century Devon (1987)

Henry Summerson

Crime in Exeter & Huddersfield 1826-1846: a rural-urban paradox (1999)

Pamela Edinborough

CPS: Exeter Branch Annual Report 1998 (1999)

CPS: Exeter Branch Annual Report 1996 (1996)

Annual report 1990-1991 (1991)

Outside the law: studies in crime and order 1650-1850 (1982)

Facets of crime (1975)

Piracy, sacrilege, murder - and a ghost: Poundstock in a turbulent age (1979)

John Gregory Edwards

Account of John Warren, committed to High Goal yesterday, for bullock stealing ([1783])

Coppers' Devon: two centuries of crime and strange events, from the comical to the bizarre (1995)

Grahame Holloway

Suspended sentences: local people write about crime (1994)

Crime, protest, community and police in nineteenth-century Britain (1982)

David Jones (Criminologist)

The Exeter garland: facsimiles of early items in Devon libraries. 5. Crime and punishment, 1782-1854 (1991)

The reluctant hangman: the story of James Berry, executioner .. (1957)

Justin Atholl