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Grave-robbers and Bodysnatchers in Devon (2009)

Patricia Gray

A grim almanac of Devon (2008)

John Van Der Kiste

The manifold causes of rural crime: sheep-stealing in England, c 1740-1840 (1982)

John G Rule

From custom to crime: wood-gathering in 18 and early 19 century England:a focus for conflict in Hampshire, Wiltshire & the South (1982)

Robert W. Bushaway

Crime and society in thirteenth-century Devon (1987)

Henry Summerson

Annual report 1990-1991 (1991)

Account of John Warren, committed to High Goal yesterday, for bullock stealing ([1783])

Coppers' Devon: two centuries of crime and strange events, from the comical to the bizarre (1995)

Grahame Holloway

Crime, protest, community and police in nineteenth-century Britain (1982)

David Jones (Criminologist)

Moorland forensics: Devil's realm (2019)

Julie D. Jones

The wounded snake (2019)

Fay Sampson

The bone garden (2021)

Ellis, Kate

The glass bulldog (2019)

Alison Huntingford

Death in Devon (2015)

Ian Sansom

A cursed inheritance (2017)

Ellis, Kate

The house of eyes (2016)

Ellis, Kate

The plague maiden (2017)

Ellis, Kate

Late harvest: a passionate West Country saga (2016)

Fiona Buckley

The Bone yard (2017)

Mark Sennen

The skeleton room (2021)

Ellis, Kate

The missing diamond: a Black & Dod historical mystery (2019)

Diane Janes

The angel in the glass (2018)

Alys Clare

Moorland foresnsics: bound by Polaris (2017)

Julie D. Jones

The mermaid's scream (2017)

Ellis, Kate

The marriage hearse (2017)

Ellis, Kate

Crime in the city of Exeter (c.1928)

A grim almanac of Dorset (2011)

Nicola Sly

A grim almanac of Cornwall (2009)

John Van Der Kiste

Somerset: a chilling history of crime and punishment (2009)

Evans, Roger

Crime in Exeter & Huddersfield 1826-1846: a rural-urban paradox (1999)

Pamela Edinborough

CPS: Exeter Branch Annual Report 1998 (1999)

CPS: Exeter Branch Annual Report 1996 (1996)

Outside the law: studies in crime and order 1650-1850 (1982)

Facets of crime (1975)

Piracy, sacrilege, murder - and a ghost: Poundstock in a turbulent age (1979)

John Gregory Edwards

Suspended sentences: local people write about crime (1994)

The Exeter garland: facsimiles of early items in Devon libraries. 5. Crime and punishment, 1782-1854 (1991)

The reluctant hangman: the story of James Berry, executioner .. (1957)

Justin Atholl