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Maltese in London: a case-study in the erosion of ethnic conciousness (1975)

Geoff Dench

Town and country planning in the UK (2006)

Barry Cullingworth

Family and kinshipin East London: a survey by the Institute of Community Studies (1957)

Michael Young

Social structure and personality in a city (1957)

O. A. Oeser

Michael Young: social entrepreneur (2001)

Asa Briggs

The symmetrical family: a study of work and leisure in the London region (1973)

Michael Young

A guide to the structure of London (1972)

Maurice Ash

Urban communities in contemporary Devon: an historical perspective (1993)

Simon Timms

One man's Bath (2000)

Richard Askew

Town life in the fifteenth century (1894)

J. R. Green

Bath 1680-1850: a social history or a valley of pleasure yet a sink of iniquity (1981)

R. S. Neale

Yammets in the sugar bowl: more reflections of a Devon incomer (1996)

Tricia Gerrish

People talking (1975-)

The Royal Crescent in Bath: a fragment of English life (1981)

William Lowndes (Historian)

Plymouth: laboratory of urban change (1967)

J. H. Grose

Clotted cream on the tonsils: reflections of a Devon incomer (1993)

Tricia Gerrish

The English medieval town (1976)

Colin Platt