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An act for improving and regulating the streets and public places in the borough and parish of Barnstaple: Statutes 1811. Local ; 51 Geo.3 (1811, )

Tawside structure plan and Barnstaple town centre map: joint interim report (1968)

Barnstaple town centre map report, September 1969. Part 1 (1969)

A Plan for Barnstaple (1947)

Your town, your views: Barnstaple town centre study : first public consultation, April 1980 (1980)

Exeter: the blitz and rebirth of the city : the reconstruction of the central areas of Exeter 1945-65 (1988)

Norman Venning

Barnstaple structure plan: joint report (1969)

Exeter phoenix: a plan for rebuilding (1946)

Sharp, Thomas

Exeter of the future: a policy of improvement within...100 years (1913)