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Sir Francis Drake: Devon's flawed hero (2003)

Alex White

The world encompassed by Sir Francis drake, being his next voyage to Nombre de Dios (2010)

Francis Drake (Sir)

Sir Francis Drake: his voyage, 1595 (2010)

Thomas Maynarde

Sir Francis Drake (1973)

George Malcolm Thomson

In Drake's way: the early voyages : Francis Drake becomes rich and gains influence, 1566-1577 (2005)

Michael Turner

Captain Jacob Whiddon (2007)

Lou Whiddon

Francis Drake and the Armada (2007)

Francis ..

In Drake's way: the early voyages : Francis Drake becomes rich and gains influence, 1566-1577 (2005)

Michael Turner

The Captains Clarke of Braunton (2003)

Brian J. Chugg

Sr. Francis Drake: receiving of homage & regalia of ye King of New Albion (1753)

B. Cole

Sir Francis Drake (1927)

E. F. Benson

Sir Francis Drake (1927)

E. F. Benson

Crosses and comforts: being the life and times of Captain Sir Richard Whidbourne 1561-1635 of Exmouth in Devonshire (2005)

Richard Whitbourne (Sir)

Captn.James Lowry (c.1820)

George Cruikshank

Sir Francis Drake and his daring deeds (2006)

Andrew Donkin

History of Devon: Sir Francis Drake and the Spanish armada, 1588 (1906)

Wilfred Drake

Sir Francis Drake (2006)

John Sugden

Avoid sailing with Francis Drake (2006)

David Stewart

Sir Richd.Greenvile (1802)

Sr. Francis Drake (c.1800)

Ignace Fougeron

The worlds survaied bounds, brave Drake on thee did gaze, both north and southerne poles, have seene thy manly face. If thanklesse men conceale, thy prayse the starres woulde blaze,the sunne his ... (1857)

Ro Vaughan

Sir Francis Drake. From the original in the collection of the Most Noble the Marquis of Lothian (c.1830)

Henry Hoppner Meyer

Sir Francis Drake. Ob.1596. From the original in the collection of the most noble the Marquis of Lothian (1829)

S. Freeman

Drake. From an original picture in the possession of Sir J.F.Eliott Drake Bart. of Nutwell Court, near Exeter ([1820?])

William Holl

Drake (1808)

George Cooke

Franciscus Draeck nobilissumus eques Angliae ano. aet: sue 43 ([1580?])

Thomas De Leu

Drake: the life and legend of an Elizabethan hero (2004)

Stephen Coote

The secret voyage of Sir Francis Drake (2004)

Samuel Bawlf

Drake honoured in Germany (1928)

The pride of North Devon (1918)

Charles Kingsley

The birthplace of Ralegh (1943)

Philpotts, Eden

A letter from Sir Francis Drake : From 'The glory of Britain' by David Masters (1942)

David Masters

Drake honoured in Germany (1928)

The birthplace of Sir Francis Drake (1927)

J. J. Alexander

Drake's drum once more (1920)

Ralegh and the introduction of potatoes (1919)

Brushfield, T. N. (Doctor)

Raleghana : Ralegh's name, its spelling and pronounciation (1919)

Drake's drum again (1918)

New light on Sir Richard Grenville : Abstract of two papers read before the Devonian Association at Barnstaple, July 25th, 1917 (1918)

Chope, R. Pearse

Did Ralegh write Shakespeare's sonnets? (1917)

Drake's epitaph (1917)

Drake's Drum (1917)

A tribute to Drake : the significance of Drake's drum (1917)

Drake's statue on Plymouth Hoe (1917)

400th anniversary of birth of Sir Francis Drake : the roll of his drum at the German navy surrender in 1918 (1946)

Foot, Isaac

Drake's drum (1940)

The spirit of service: Drake's appeal to his men (1925)

Ronald A. Hopwood

Thomas Carlyle on the execution of Ralegh (1920)

Carlyle, Thomas

The wisdom of Ralegh (1919)

New light on Drake (1916)

Markham, Clements R. (Sir)