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The forgotten dead: the true story of Exercise Tiger, the disastrous rehearsal for D-Day (1988)

Ken Small

The complete Scrimgeour: from Dartmouth to Jutland: 1913-1916 (2016)

Alexander Scrimgeour

The other armada: the Franco-Spanish attempt to invade Britain in 1779 (1960)

A. Temple Patterson

Return of the Armadas: the last years of the Elizabethan war .. (1994)

R. B. Wernham

Observations on the landing of forces designed for the invasion of a country ... whereupon are added: Some Animadversions ... by Sir Walter Ralegh Knt (1759)

Clement Edmonds (Sir)

The expedition of Sir John Norris and Sir Francis Drake to Spain and Portugal, 1589 (1988)