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20th century naval dockyards: Devonport and Portsmouth characterisation report (2015)

Ann Coats (Doctor)

A short history of Devonport Royal Dockyard ([1988?])

George Dicker

History of the victualling department and its association with Plymouth ([1970?])

Len Stephens

[Devonport Dockyard] ([1900?])

John Stabb

HMS Defiance: Devonport's submarine base (2008)

Keith Hall

The gun wharf at Plymouth Dock (1995)

Body, Pam

Devonport news

The rise of Plymouth as a naval port (1898)

J.Erskine Risk

Cocked hats and grog tubs (1973)

Gay Hogg

[Victualling Office] ([1842?])

History of work and labour relations in the royal dockyards (1999)

History ..

Dock in the hamoaze: the story of Devonport and its dockyard from 1690 to 1971 (1997)

Reg Blackett

DML Devonport: the future is ours (1997)

Royal William Victualling Yard: illustrated history of naval victualling in Plymouth ([1997])

Michael Nix (Doctor)

The Dockyard services (Devonport) (designation and appointed day) (revocation) order 1997: Statutory Instruments 1997 ; no. 152 (1997)

The Dockyard Services (Devonport) (Designation and Appointed day) order 1986: Statutory Instruments 1986 ; no. 2243 (1986)

History of the Naval victualling department and its association with Plymouth (1996)

Len Stephens

H.M.Dockyard, Devonport, Keyham extension opened by Admiral H.R.H. the Prince of Wales...21st February 1907 ([1907])

Devonport Dockyard: the great fire of 1840 (1968)

George Dicker

A management odyssey: the Royal dockyards 1714-1914 (1994)

J. M. Haas

Royal William Yard, Plymouth: a partnership for Plymouth .. (1993)

Devonport Dockyard through the ages: Evening Herald special (1993)

Andy Endacott

What to do in a nuclear emergency at HM Naval Base Devonport (1993)

Royal dockyards in camera (1989)

Philip MacDougall

300 years devotion to duty (1991)

Andy Endacott

A Short history of Devonport Royal Dockyard (1969)

George Dicker

The Devonport dockyard story (1984)

K. V. Burns

Select Committee on the Victualling Establishment at Cremill Point. Report, 1832 ([1980?)

Commissioners of Naval Enquiry. 9th report: Receipt and issue of stores in Plymouth Yard, 1805 ([1980?)

Commissioners of Naval Enquiry. 8th report: His Majesty's Victualling Department at Plymouth; Embezzlement ... , 1804 ([1980?)

Commissioners of Naval Enquiry. 6th report: Plymouth Yard, Woolwich Yard, 1804 ([1980?)

Royal dockyards (1989)

Philip MacDougall

A history and bibliography of Devonport dockyard: part of a feasibility study for establishing a maritime museum .. (1982)

Leona Waddell

The Royal Dockyards 1690-1850: architecture and engineering works of the sailing navy (1989)

Jonathan Coad

Ministry of Defence: transfer of Royal Dockyards to commercial management : second report from the Committee of Public Accounts (1989)

Naval heritage in the West. Part 3 (1988)

Andy Endacott

Ministry of Defence: transfer of the Royal Dockyards to commercial management : report (1988)

Naval heritage in the West. Part 1 (1987)

Andy Endacott

Naval heritage in the West. Part 2 (1987)

Andy Endacott

Dockyard services bill (as amended by Standing Committee D) (1986)

Dockyard services bill (1986)

Dockyard services act 1986: Statutes 1986. Public ; c.52 (1986)

Parliamentary debates. Dockyard services bill. 1st sitting: 12 December 1985 - 25th sitting 18 March 1986 (1986)

Dockyard services bill (1985)

The future of the royal dockyards: fourth report from the Defence Committee, session 1984-85 : report together with procs (1985)

Entrance to dockyard and Fore Street, Devonport (1864)

Keyham Dock Yard, Devonport (1865)

The western prospect of His Majesty's dock-yard, near Plymouth (1736)

Samuel Buck

Maison qui serve de magasins pour la marine du roy et une partie du port de Plimouthe en Angleterre (c.1750)

A view of His Majesty's dock yard at Plymouth, in the county of Devon ... ([1760?])

Carington Bowles