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Inside Dalditch Camp: a wartime history of the Royal Marines on Woodbury Common (2019)

Simon J. W. Fogg

Military use of Cramber (2002)

Tony Clark

Militarie discipline, or, the young artillery-man. - 6th ed (1661)

William Barrisse

The Military School / drawn by Fredk. Nash ; the figures by J.Stephanoff ; engraved by Edward Goodall. - Proof (1820)

Edward Goodall

Danger zones on Dartmoor. (1953)

Dartmoor and the services: public enquiry, 16th July 1947 (1947)

Richard Hansford Worth

Disastrous manoeuvres on Dartmoor (1994)

Anthony Greenstreet

Manoeuvres on the Moor: the military on Dartmoor today (2000)

John Risdon

The conservation of Willsworthy Ranges: personal reflections 1986 to 1998 (1998)

Duncan Michie

Dartmoor and the armed services (1990)

M. G. L. (Lt.Colonel) Whiteley

Death on Dartmoor (1990)

Frank Allen

The military occupation of Dartmoor (1985)

F. H. Starkey

[ Volunteer Drill Hall, Bedford Circus, Exeter] ([1930?)

Anonymous (Pseudonym)

Autumn and other manoeuvres on Dartmoor (1873)

A. D. Tor

Services' training on Dartmoor (1957)

John Vernon Somers Cocks

Report of the Defence Lands Committee, 1971-73 (1973)

King William's European joint venture (1995)

B. Cox

The fight for Tyneham: on the Dorset coastal army ranges (1969)

The exceeding damaging military use of the Dartmoor National Park (1977)

Jottings at the Dartmoor autumn manoeuvres ([1873])

H. T. Mackenzie

Jottings at the Dartmoor autumn manoeuvres

H. T. Mackenzie

United Services College, 1874-1911: a short account of Rudyard Kipling's old school ... [annotated with cuttings, postcards] (c.1933)

H. A. Tapp