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Clovelly dykes: survey, research and excavations 2017-19 (2020)

Chris Preece

Councillor Mansfield unveils improvements and information boards at Woodbury Castle. 11.11.90 (1990)

Bowden, Jeff

Interim report of the first season (1937) of excavations at Milber Down Camp, Devon ([1938])

Frank Cottrill

A probable iron age hill-fort or hillside enclosure at Welcombe Farm, Charles, North Devon, EX32 7PU: a preliminary report (2006)

Trevor Dunkerley

Slapton Castle: geophysical survey report for South Hams District Council, March 2007 (2007)

Richard A. J. Smalley

Report on geophysical survey at Burleigh Dolts, South Devon, August 2006 (2006)

Eileen Wilkes

Report on geophysical survey and targeted excavation at Holbury Camp, South Devon, January 2007 (2007)

Eileen Wilkes

Report on geophysical survey of Boringdon Camp, South Devon, August 2010 (2010)

Eileen Wilkes

Dolebury Hillfort, Churchill, North Somerset: analytical earthwork survey (2009)

Mark Bowden

[Dumpdon Camp] ([1928])

[Dumpdon Camp] ([1928])

Hembury Fort. W.rampart ([1929?])

B. C. Clayton

[Dumpdon Camp] ([1928])

[Dumpdon Camp] ([1928?])

[Dumpdon Camp. June 1928] ([1928])

[Dumpdon Camp. June 1929] ([1929])

Cranbrook Castle: excavations by Baring Gould of old wall, 5th July 1900 (1900)

Cranbrook Castle: excavations by Baring Gould of old wall, 5th July 1900 (1900)

Cranbrook Castle: excavations by Baring Gould of old wall, 5th July 1900 (1900)

[Woodbury Castle. August 1927] ([1927])

[Woodbury Castle. August 1927] ([1927])

Cadbury Castle the hillfort and the landscapes (2010)

Richard Tabor

Woodbury Castle (c.1905)

The spatial distribution of hill forts in West Penwith (1970)

Newcomb, Robert M.

The glass from Castle Dore: archaeological and chemical significance (1985)

Henderson, Julian

The iron age glass from Castle Dore (1985)

Fitzpartick, Andrew

Castle Dore: the chronology reconsidered (1985)

Henrietta Quinnell

Settlement c 2500 to AD 600 (1999)

Griffith, Frances

Norton Fitzwarren hillfort: a report on the excavations by Nancy and Philip Langmaid between 1968 and 1971 (1990)

P. Ellis

The South Cadbury environs project (1996)

Peter Leach

Some multivallate hill-forts on Exmoor and in North Devon (1967)

Charles Whybrow

Cranbrook Castle, Moretonhampstead: a new survey (1972)

John Collis

Cranbrook Castle revisited (1979)

John Collis

An excavation on the iron age hillfort at Berry Down, Newton Abbot (1985)

Louise Gallant

Roman military sites in Devon: some recent discoveries (1984)

Griffith F. M.

Aerial reconnaissance in Devon in 1984: a preliminary report and the discovery of a hillfort (1984)

Griffith F. M.

Denbury Camp, Torbryan parish: a new survey by the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England (1992)

S. J. Probert

The hillfort of Dumpdon (1992)

Unfinished hillforts on the Devon Moors (1993)

R. J. Silvester

Excavations of a causewayed enclosure and hill fort on Raddon Hill, Stockleigh Pomeroy (1999)

T. H. Gent

Shoulsbury Castle, Exmoor, Devon: an iron age hillfort and a stone setting on Shoulsbarrow Common (2005)

Elaine Jamieson

Wooston Castle ([1860?])

Pilsdon. Pilsdon Pen camp. Iron fort 1 3/4 miles S.W. of Broadwindsor (1972)

Viv Wilson

Pilsdon. Pilsdon Pen, Greensand Rock, Capping Hill (1972)

Viv Wilson

Hembury. 90 foot hand-dug trenches at Hembury (1963)

Viv Wilson

Camp on Woodbury Hill ([1842])

W. C. Featherstone

The Wessex hillforts project: extensive survey of hillfort interiors in central southern England (2005)

Andrew Payne

[Dumpdon Camp. July 1925] ([1925])

[Dumpdon Camp. 6th July 1925] ([1925])

[Dumpdon Camp. May 1927] ([1927])