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A chapter in Devonshire history: county defence in 1794-97 (1892)

P. F. S. Amery

A second World War emergency coastal battery at Inner Froward Point, Kingswear (1995)

W. R. Wilson-North

An archaeological survey of Mount Pleasant Redoubt, Plymouth (1992)

Andrew Pye

Plymouth's coastal defences in the year of the Spanish Armada (1987)

M. Brayshay

Defence preparations in devon against the arrival of the Spanish Armada: "So doth the state of this countrye rest quiet ... " (1996)

Brayshay, Mark

Athelstan's dyke, Exeter (1915)

Lega-Weekes, Ethel

Athelstan's dyke, Exeter (1915)

C. B. Lyster

Tudor artillery defences and their role in the defence of Plymouth in 1588 (1987)

Brayshay, Mark

Defending our heritage: historic buildings on the Defence (1994)

Ilchester town defences: excavations 1981 (1981)

Peter Leach

Stronghold: a history of Military architecture (1984)

Martin H. Brice

The later defences of Falmouth 1895-1956 (1993)

Jeffrey E. Dorman

Defending our heritage: historic buildings on the Defence (1994)

Archaeological fieldwork in the Isles of Scilly, March 1990: early batteries on the Garrison, St Marys (1990)

Cathy Parkes

Defence works Plymouth area 1300-1983 (1984)

Keith J. Rawlings

Plymouth Sound? The defence of the naval station (1983)

Ian Hunt

Fortress Britain: artillery fortification in the British Isles and Ireland (1989)

Saunders, Andrew

Plymouth's defences: a short history (1990)

Frederick William Woodward

The historical development of the Martello tower in the Channel Islands (1988)

E.J Grimsley