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Okehampton Borough Council. 6.7.73 (1973)

Devon County Council 1973, before reorganisation (1973)

Teignmouth Urban District Council. 7.6.73 (1973)

Budleigh Salterton Town Council Chairman's reception. 27.4.89 (1989)

Bowden, Jeff

Budleigh Salterton Town Council Chairman's reception. 26.4.90 (1990)

Bowden, Jeff

The first chain of office for Kennford Parish Council is presented to new chairman Les Ouesleyby vice chairman Peter Phillips, right and clerk Sid F. Stone. 31.5.88 (1988)

Davison, Chris

Budleigh Salterton Urban District Council. 15.3.73 (1973)

Bideford Borough Council. 24.5.73 (1973)

Barnstaple Borough Council. 24.5.73 (1973)

Civic dinner, Okehampton. 12.5.89 (1989)

Sidmouth Urban District Council. 4.5.73 (1973)

Honiton Rural District Council ([1973?])

Crediton Urban District Council. 29.1.73 (1973)

Crediton Urban District Council. 29.1.73 (1973)

Crediton Urban District Council. 29.1.73 (1973)

Ottery St.Mary Urban District Council members. 11.4.73 (1973)

Steven Roberts

[Sir John Elwill, Second Governor of the Exeter Corporation of the Poor] (1913)

[Sir Edward Seaward, First Governor of the Exeter Corporation of the Poor] (1913)

William Gandy

Benjamin Grigg, with son Robert, driving cab in Imperial Road, Exmouth, 1892 (1892)

[Thomas Abell, J.P.] ([1937])

Henry Wykes

George J.Abell, J.P. 1883-1961, whose generous implementation of his fathers wishes brought this Thomas Abell Reference Library into being (1937)

Henry Wykes

John E.Daw ([1950?])

Puddicombe, W. Alexander

Ceremony of handing over the seat presented to the town by H.M.S.Exeter, May 21st 1960 (1960)

[The late Mr.J.Carter] ([1937?])

Puddicombe, W. Alexander

Alderman P.F.Rowsell C.B.E. ([1938?])

Thomas Abell (1918)

Thomas Abell at 30, 1878 (1878)

The late council, Exmouth, c.1962 (c.1962)

[William Wreford] ([1900?])

J. Browning

Mr Rippon as Herald: Exeter, June 20 1830 ([1830])

Futile fury: Running amuck (1913)

Frenzied finance: An old joke in a new setting (1913)

Culture constables: What we may expect (1914)

Councillors and festive season (1914)

Reward of faithful service: A tale without words (1913)

Not good enough (1913)

Invaded!: Robinson Crusoe ratepayer's horror at invasion by horde of hungry officials (1914)

Coming events: A dismal duet (1914)

Municipal waits: Still "waiting" (1913)

Municipal music - some of the turns.: Opening of the corporation concert season (1913)

His first municipal smoke: Mr. Spratt's strong cigar (1913)

Annexation aftermath (1913)

Exeter City Council (1899)

Vicarious generosity: An insatiable nestling (1914)

Out of mischief (1914)

Exceeding the limit (1914)

The machine that failed: Something wrong with the works! (1913)

Belated regrets: The monster he himself released (1914)

So sudden! (1916)

Two Easter eggs: The prosperous employe [sic] and his poor employer (1913)