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Stable block, Higher Barracks, Exeter. 2.2.84 (1984)

Wyvern Barracks, Topsham Road, Exeter. 21.1.76 (1976)

The army records and personnel offices at Higher Barracks, Howell Road, Exeter. 29.3.93 (1993)

Jackson, Ian

Squatters at Higher Barracks, Exeter. 25.2.92 (1992)

Higher Barracks, Exeter. 11.6.87 (1987)

Official opening of the regimental pay office at Higher Barracks, Exeter. 23.9.87 (1987)

Officers' mess, Higher Barracks, Exeter ([1947?])

Huts at Higher Barracks, Exeter. 24.3.88 (1988)

Col. Ray Ramsey pictured outside the regimental pay office at Higher Barracks, Exeter. 24.3.88 (1988)

The new regimental pay office at Higher Barracks, Exeter. 16.9.87 (1987)

Davison, Chris

Territorial depot, Imperial Road, Exmouth (c.1955)

Exeter. The barracks, Topsham Road. 68 (1968)

Viv Wilson

The Globe and Laurel of Stonehouse (1972)

Gabriel Hogg

The cavalry barracks at Barnstaple (1988)

Rowe, John

Barracks in Dorset during the French revolution and Napoleonic wars (1990)

John R. Breihan

Marine Barracks, Long Room &c Stonehouse near Plymouth ([1790?)

Payne, William

Exeter Barracks ([1860?])

Seaton Barracks, Crownhill, Plymouth, Devon: expressions of interest : a unique development opportunity .. (1996)

Christchurch Barracks (1993)

John Barker

An act to enable the Admiralty to acquire property for the enlarge- ment of the Royal Marine Barracks in the parish of E. Stonehouse: Statutes 1861. Local (1861)

Army barracks in Devon during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars (1990)

John R. Breihan

The history of [Wyvern] Barracks ([1974])

C. R. Templer

Raglan Barracks, Devonport (1864)

Kingsbridge Barracks, as they were in 1812 (1842)

C. P. Fox

View of the Marine Barracks at Stonehouse, near Plymouth Dock (1786)

B. T. Pouncy

View near Plymouth (1789)

S. Middiman

Marine Barracks at Stone-House, Devonshire (1798)

J Roffe

Stonehouse Barracks (from the quarry) (c.1830)

F. C. Lewis

Royal Marine Barracks, Stonehouse, Devon (c.1840)

Entrance to the Royal Marine Barracks, (Stonehouse) ([1865?])

William Hake

The Raglan Barracks, Devonport ([1845?])

Raglan Barracks, Devonport ([1865?])

William Hake

New Raglan Barracks, Devonport. (south wing) ([1870?])

William Hake

New barracks and military chapel, Devonport ([1870?])

William Hake

Royal Marine Barracks, Stonehouse (1786)

B. T. Pouncy

Marine Barracks at Stone-House, Devonshire (1798)

J. Walker