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Record of a great trial Exeter Assizes 1848: Bishop Phillpotts versus Thomas Latimer journalist (1848)

Reply of Mary Ann Tocker to the false and scurrilous pamphlet of Mr.R. Gurney, ex vice-warden of Devon ([1818])

Mary Ann Tocker

Devon Lent Assizes Action for libel against the Western Daily Mercury Leyman v. Latimer and Sons: Tried at Exeter on Monday, March 25th, 1878 ... (1878)

John Leyman

Devon Lammas assize, Exeter, 17 August, 1821. The King on the prosecution of Charles Norman versus Isaac Cox, gent. .. (1821)

The trial of Mary Ann Tocker for an alleged libel on Mr.R.Gurney Vice-Warden of the Stannary Court .. (1818)

Mary Ann Tocker