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Western counties branch directory ([2000])

Somersetshire pleas (civil and criminal) from the rolls of the itinerant justices (close of 12th century - 14 Henry III) (1897)

Somersetshire pleas from the rolls of the itinerant justices (41 Henry III to end of his reign): Vol. II (1923)

Somerset pleas from the rolls of the itinerant justices (for the years 1 to 7 of the reign of Edward I): Vol. III (1926)

Somerset pleas from the rolls of the itinerant justices (for the 8th year of the reign of Edward I): Vol. IV Part 1. (civil pleas) (1929)

Somerset assize orders 1629-1640 (1959)

Somerset assize orders 1640-1659 (1971)

The assizes in Exeter in the nineteenth century (2007)

David Pugsley (Cullompton historian)

True bills, Exeter assizes, 1455 (1905)

Emma Louise Radford

Devon Lammas assize, 1809 (1903)

The Exeter Assize ball of 1789 (1989)

Adrian Reed

Sentences of the prisoners ... at the Castle of Exon, this Lammas assize, before ... John Heath ... and ... Sir Nash Grose (1795)

Letter upon the acquittal by the Court of Assize, held at Exeter December 19th, 1844 of Mr.Richard Wreyford Clanpitt ... by ... Lord Clifford to his Tenantry (1845)

Hugh Charles Clifford (7th Baron Clifford of Chudleigh)

Dorset assizes in the seventeenth century (1913)

F. J. Pope

Three petitions presented by the grand inquest at the assises held in the Castle of Excester, in the County of Devon (1642)

Assize roll of Devon 1332: transcription... (1970)

A. J. Howard

Assize roll, county of Devon 1358 (1973)

A. J. Howard

Assize roll, county of Devon 1359: transcription... (1970)

A. J. Howard

Farewell to the assizes: the sixty-one towns (1972)

Basil Nield

Western Circuit Assize Orders, 1629-1648: a calender (1976)

James Swanston Cockburn

A sermon preach'd at the assizes held at Launceston for the county of Cornwall, on Thursday Aug. 18. 1715 .. (1715)

John Fursman

The zealous magistrate. Set forth in a sermon, preached in Exeter, before the Right Honourable Sir Robert Foster .. (1642)

Thomas Trescot

Plouto-mastix: the scourge of covetousnesse: or, an apologie for the publike good, against privacie. A sermon .. (1631)

Thomas Foster

The nature and guilt of bearing false witness: a sermon preached in the cathedral church of St Peter in Exeter, at the assizes .. (1734)

William Simons

Byelaws for the Good Rule and Government of the County of Devon: and also for the prevention and suppression of nuisances therein (1970)

Extracts from deeds, charters and grants relating to Devonshire and Somerset made circa 1617 (1916)

William Pole (Sir)

charters of the Redvers family and the earldom of Devon 1090-1217 (1994)

Redvers (Family name)

English royal documents. King John - Henry VI, 1199-1461 (1971)

Pierre Chaplais

Wells city charters (1932)

Stogursey charters: charters and other documents relating to the property of the Alien Priory of Stogursey, Somerset, now belonging to Eton College (1949)

Bristol charters 1509-1899 (1946)

Bristol charters 1378-1499 (1945)

Bristol charters 1155-1373 (1930)

Some Anglo-Saxon charters and estates in south-east Dorset (1995)

David A. Hinton

The boundaries of two Anglo-Saxon charters relating to land at Corscombe: a commentary on the paper by Grundy (1935) (1995)

J. A. Barnard

Galston twelve hides (1985)

Stephen C. Morland

The Glastonbury Manors and their Saxon charters (1987)

Stephen C. Morland

A charter for Abbascombe (2002)

M. Pallister

Charters, place names, and Anglo-Saxon settlement in south Devon (2005)

Paul Luscombe

The great charter and charter of the forest, with other authentic instruments : to which is prefixed an introductory discourse (1759)

William Blackstone (Sir)

The charters of the City of London, which have been granted by the kings and queens of England, sine the conquest .. (1745)

John Evelyn

Formulare anglicanum: or, a collection of ancient charters .. (1702, )

Thomas Madox

The pleadings and arguments and other proceedings in the Court of King's Bench ... quo warranto ... charter of the City of London (1690)

The Topsham charter (1977)

N. W. Alcock

The early charters of Crediton (1913)

T.W Rundell

The early charters of Crediton (1912)

The charter of Tavistock (1914)

G. H. Radford

The charters and letters patent, granted by the kings and queens of England to the town and city of Bristol: newly translated ... (1812)

Samuel Seyer

Bristol. The City charters.. (1736)

Charters of Totnes, Chas II & James II. Ms ([1690?)