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Speed to the West: a nostalgic journey (2016)

Paul Atterbury

Rail rover: western ranger (2018)

Stephen F. Heginbotham

The Country Visitor: A North Devon Countryside Newsletter (1992)

Counter-tourism: the handbook (2012)

Notice of first annual meeting and annual report 1938 (1939)

Woodspring tourism study (1979)

How's business in the West Country?: business monitor survey June 1997 (1998)

Oh get on!: recalling 100 years of Cornwall's holiday scene and how one family helped to shape it (2008)

Bettye Gray

Tourism trends in Devon 2005 (2006)

Bournemouth: a study of a holiday town (1972)

Desmond Sherry

Toursims and the south west economy (1991)

Tourism in SW England: challenges and opportunities (2000)

Shaw, Gareth

Devon's place in the development of tourism (2003)

Carter, Philip

The growth of tourism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (1999)

Shaw, Gareth

Early tourist destinations the influence of artists' changing landscape preferences (1999)

Peter Howard

Sustainable tourism and the Exmoor visitor (1998)

Donald Wade

Industry news (2006)

Exeter visitor/tourism strategy 2006-2010: consultation draft, 22 August 2006 (2006)

Cornwall and changes in the 'tourist gaze' (1993)

Paul Thornton

Celtic tourism - some recent magnets (1994)

John Lowerson

Tourism in Cornwall: recent research and current trends (1994)

Paul Thornton

The Great Western Railway and the Cornish-Celtic revival (1995)

Payton, Philip

The changing face of celtic tourism in Cornwall, 1875-1975 (1999)

Perry, Ronald

Literary tourism and the Daphne du Maurier festival (2000)

Graham Busby

A true Cornish treasure: Gunwalloe and the Cornish church as a visitor attraction (2003)

Graham Busby

From bathing hut to theme park: tourism development in south west England (1991)

Shaw, Gareth

Tourism trends in Devon 2004 (2005)

Devon's place in the development of tourism (2003)

Carter, Philip

Ilfracombe Victorian celebration: 9th-17th June 2001 (2001)

Ilfracombe ..

WHCHA news: a newsletter from the World Heritage Coast Hospitality Association (2003-)

Tourism trends in Devon 2001 (2002)

Tourism trends in Devon 2000 (2001)

Tourism trends in Devon 1999 (2000)

Tourism trends in Devon 2003 (2004)

Tourism. 3. North Devon and historical buildings (2003)

Tourism. 2. South Devon and Dartmoor (2003)

Tourism. 1. East Devon and the railway (2003)

Tourism trends in Devon 2002 (2003)

Teignmouth as a resort before the first world war (1988)

John Channon

Tourism fact sheets 1988 (1988)

Devon tourism news (1991-)

Tarka country news (1990-)

Annual report (1982-)

West Country (1978-)

Devon tourism review (1985-)

WCTB news: news from the West Country Tourist Board (1979-)

North Devon tourism news

North ..

Anything interesting (1976-)

Teignmouth as a seaside resort (before the coming of the railway) (1956)

John A. Bulley

Window on the West - a report on the activities of the South- (1968)