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Devonshire field survey. field work, saturday 25th March until saturday 1st April 2000 (2000)

David Ross Ellis

The enclosure of Fordington Fields and the development of Dorchester 1874-1903 (1996)

Judy Morris (Dorset architect)

The medieval fields of south-east Somerset (1981)

Mary Whitfield

The identification of four new enclosure sites north of Teignmouth (1983)

Griffith F. M.

Field systems and boundaries on Shaugh Moor and at Wotter, Dartmoor (1983)

John Collis

Ancient fields on the South Devon limestone plateau (1985)

Louise Gallant

Ashcombe 12 Sep 70 (1970)

Henry Burnard Garland

Outfield cultivation in Devon and Cornwall: a reinterpretation (1973)

H. S. A. Fox

Enclosures and the open fields: a bibliography (1972)

J. Gordon Brewer

A year in the life of a field (1981)

Michael Allaby

Fields in the English landscape (1975)

Christopher Taylor

Some physical and economic considerations of field enlargement: with special refernce to work carried out on a South Devon farm (1962)

Elvet Talfryn Davies