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enclosure records for historians (2000)

Steven Hollowell

Excavations within the Anglo-Saxon enclosure at Bury Meadow, Kingsteignton, in 1985 (1987)

P. J. Weddell

Milber Down: commercial excavation for a pipe-line, 1980 (1980)

K. Moxon Browne

An enclosure in Staverton Ford Plantation (1980)

R. J. Silvester

An excavation at Dunkeswell (1980)

R. J. Silvester

The identification of four new enclosure sites north of Teignmouth (1983)

F.M Griffith

Enclosure awards for historians (2000)

Steven Hollowell

Shaugh Moor project: first report (1979)

G. J. Wainwright

The prehistoric pounds of Dartmoor (1943)

Richard Hansford Worth

Reprinted from the proceedings for the year 1938 (1939)

Shaugh Moor project: second report - the enclosure (1980)

G. J. Wainwright