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A story of W.J.Mills and St.Day: a brief history of 'the justest man you could meet' and his charitable legacies in St.Day (2013)

Anne Knight

Peter Blundell ([1902])

John Periam, A.D. 1616 ([1850?])

John ..

Experiences of a 19th century gentleman: the diary of Thomas Bunn of Frome (2003)

Thomas Bunn

Hugh Squier of South Molton, 1625-1710: a note of his founding of the Free School in South Molton his will and his benefactions (1981)

Gertrude Morey

Bishop Stapledon and Ashburton (1903)

P. F. S. Amery

Lawrence Atwill, A.D. 1588 at. 77 ([1850?])

Will and codicils of Kent Kingdon, Esq, testator died 2nd April 1889...proved in the Exeter District Registry...on 31st May 1889 (1889)

Kent Kingdon