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A pocket history of the British workers to 1919 (1937)

Postgate Raymond

South Western labour journal (1903)

Devon labour history 1919-39 (1977)

J. H. Porter

Industrial housing in Devon before 1770 (1978)

Stanley D. Chapman

Poor law records (2000)

Simon Fowler

Seems so!: a working-class view of politics ([1911?)

Reynolds, Stephen

Report to Her Majesty's principal Secretary...into the sanitary condition of the labouring population.. (1842)

To struggle is to live; a working class autobiography - Volume 2 Starve or rebel (1980)

Ernie Benson

To struggle is to live; a working class autobiography in two volumes - Volume 1 (1979)

Ernie Benson

Sources for labour history (1991)

Simon Fowler

The making of the English working class (1980)

E. P. Thompson

The town labourer 1760-1832: the new civilisation (1967)

J. L. Hammond

Devon and Cornwall Working Classes' Industrial Exhibition, opened at Plymouth, Friday, July 14, 1865: official and classified catalogue

The village labourer 1760 - 1832 A study in the government of England before the Reform Bill (1987)

J. L. Hammond

Memoirs of a street urchin ([1984])

Louie Stride

Provincial labour history (1972)

Transition: a cameo of working class life in this area during the existence of the Rural Sanitory Authority .. (1988)

Bristol lives: Bristol people tell their own stories : 1892 to the present day (1987)