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Memoirs of the unemployed: with appendices on 'How the workless spend their money' and 'the psychology of the unemployed from a medical point of view' (1934)

H. L. Beales

Unemployment - analysis and forecasts (1990)

Abstract of Bristol historical statistics. Pt.2: Unemployment statistics 1910-1997 ([1997?)

Ian Archer

Exmouth: a survey of unemployment (1958)

The untapped resource: a profile of the unemployed in the South West 1995 (1995)

Looking for an opening: a study of unemployed young people in East Cornwall ([1982])

Help a guide for adults assisting young unemployed people (1981)

A constructive guide to youth unemployment (1980)

Working for experience: a study of WEEP and unemployed young people in East Cornwall ([1982])

Unemployment in Devon: age and duration from Community Educ. Sub of Educ. C'tee, 11 Sep 1986 (1986)

[ Monthly statements of unemployment, 1959-67] (1959-)

A study of unemployment in west Cornwall (1979)

R. McNabb

Unemployment and theology: a church response (1984)

Paul Ballard