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A West Country village: Ashworthy (2009)

William Morgan Williams

The social tone of Torquay in the 1920s (1996)

Nigel J Morgan (Tourism authority)

Aspects of the house repopulation of the village of Wilmington circa 1840 (1994)

Edwin Haydon

The society of Elizabethan Devon: the value of the evidence (1972)

John Roberts

Moving towards inclusion: a picture of disadvantage in the South West : a report (2003)

Penarth, 1841-71: a glimpse of the past (1980)

E. Alwyn Benjamin

The social structure of the parish of Hartland (North Devon) 1558- 1620 (1980)

Michael J. L. Wickes

Sources of Torbay's history (1984)

John R. Pike (South Devon writer)

A study of two streets in Bideford during the period 1861-1881 (1984)

Deborah Ann Gordon

A West Country village: Ashworthy : family, kinship and land (1963)

William Morgan Williams