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Echoes of Exmoor: a record of the discussions and doings of the Men-of-Exmoor Club under the eye of a spectator. Second Series (1924)

First love...and other memories... (2006)

Denis Knight

The memory be green: an oral history of a Devon village (1990)

Liz Shakespeare

A Dartmoor boyhood (2004)

David Lee

The long journey home (2002)

R. G. Davis

The life and times of a Knowle boy (2003)

Edmund David Fry

Living memories in Devon (1935)

Marjory Eckett Fielden

Quiet flows the Dart (1973)

Cecile Woodford

Exeter in the years preceding the 1914-1918 war (1973)

W. J. Lutley

A relic of old Torquay (1988)

F. H. Starkey

Eighty years on (1969)

Roland Richardson

Some sixty years' reminiscences of Plymouth (1892)

W. F. Collier

Assemblies (1921)

Jenkins, Rhys

A Devonshire village in Georgian days (1971)

David Bowen

Life in Porkellis, circa 1900 (1980)

W. P. Authers

Thirty five years ago (1965)

Peter Markham

A young Scotsman in Plymouth 1824: pages from the disry of Patrick Grant Beaton selected and edited by Sir Edgar Vaughan (1982)

Patrick Grant Beaton

Memories of a Devon childhood (1960)

H. Fulford Williams

Some diaries and memoirs of Plymouth in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars (1983)

Crispin Gill

Rose Ash (life in a Devon Rectory around 1947) (2002)

John Thompson

When we came to Week (2001)

Margaret R. Bolt

Exmoor oral history recordings: selected excerpts (1999)

My life on Lundy - new edition (1997)

Gade, F. W.

Witheridge memories (1999)

Memories from the Blackdowns (1999)

This, that and t'other (1998)

L. J. Badcock

Sir Joshua's nephew: being letters written 1769 - 78 by a young man to his sisters (1930)

Susan M. Radcliffe

A North Devon childhood 1933-1945 (1997)

P. B. Gillard

Paper mate: a true story of a newsvendor in a North Devon village ([1978])

Ruth Sauerzapf

According to our cloth: a story of growing up in Plymouth 1930-1945 (1984)

Marcia Treece

A Woolacombe childhood (1982)

Alice Trebble

North Perrott remembered (1983)

Leslie Parkman

Buckland Brewer in the nineteen twenties (1990)

Leonard P. Blight

A Devon childhood 1905 (1995)

Campbell, Jean

Count your blessings: the life of a North Devon farmer (1995)

Wilfred Cook

The Childhood of a Devon Maid (1995)

Florence Mary Amer

Drayford in days gone past (1995)

John Usmar

The Elizabethan spirit: presidential address delivered to the Devonshire Association at Bideford, June 1948 (1948)

L. S. Amery

Barclay Fox's journal (1979)

Barclay Fox

Fred Ford (1991)

The Dartmoor window again (1918)

Beatrice Chase

Tales of old Landkey. Number 2 (1995)

1950s and Devon memories ([1994])

As I recall ...: a collection of stories and memories from the Lipson, Laira, Prince Rock, Tothill and Efford areas of Plymouth, as told by those who live there (1993)

Devon within living memory (1993)

Tales of old Landkey (1994)

Littleham my Littleham (1989)

L. J. Badcock

Home sweet Hartland: childhood memories of the 1940s as featured in the B.B.C. Radio 4 programme Morning Sou' West (1979)

Geoff James

Victorian days in a Devon village (1978)

Arthur H. Slee

The story of my life: the recollections of a North Devon farmer, preacher and family man (1978)

John Carter Ley