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The opportunities & challenges of migration: a regional response : Equality South West migrant workers project, final dissemination report, May 2010 (2010)

Charlie Dorr

Sweet & sour: recollections of the Chinese elder communities in the South West of England (2007)

Migrants and refugees: Muslim and Christian Pakistani families in Bristol (2010)

Patricia Jeffrey

Incomers to Devon (2007)

Helen Harris

Guernsey, 1814-1914: migration and modernisation (2007)

Rose-Marie Crossan

An Atlantic voyage 1849: a transcript of a diary in the Taylor family scrapbook (2005)

Leo Baker

A darker side of emigration (1990)

Grigg, Terry

The emigration depot in Plymouth (1994)

Eileen Voce

18th century Devon mariners who emigrated to Carmarthenshire (1994)

Randell, Brian

19th century emigrants from west Devon (2004)

French emigres at Bath, 1789-1815 (1998)

Trevor Fawcett

'Blue books' as sources for Cornish emigration history (1993)

Margaret James-Korany

Constantine stonemasons in search of work abroad, 1870-1900 (1994)

Horst Rossler

Defining the group: nineteenth-century Cornish on the North American mining frontier (1994)

Ronald M. James

Movers and stayers: a comparison of migratory groups in Cornwall 1981-1991 (1995)

Malcolm Williams

Not what they seemed? Cornish assisted immigrants in New South Wales 1837-77 (1995)

Patricia Lay

Reforming thirties and hungry forties: the genesis of Cornwall's emigration trade (1996)

Payton, Philip

In-migration to Newquay: migrants' lifestyles and perspectives on environments (1998)

Ron Elzey

Cornwall, poverty and in-migration (1998)

Malcolm Williams

A forgotten migration stream: the Cornish movement to England and Wales in the nineteenth century (1998)

Bernard Deacon

An investigation into migration patterns for the parish of Zennor in Cornwall during the second half of the nineteenth century (1999)

William A. Morris (Mining historian)

Choosing the group: nineteenth-century non-mining Cornish in British Columbia (2000)

Dorothy Mindenhall

Cornish migration studies: an epistemological and paradigmatic critique (2002)

Sharron P. Schwartz (Doctor)

Remittances revisited: a case study of South Africa and the Cornish migrant, c. 1870-1914 (2005)

Gary Magee

Migration networks and the transnationalization of social capital: a case study (2005)

Sharron P. Schwartz (Doctor)

Mobility and persistence of families in Cheriton Bishop (2007)

Sophia Lambert

'We don't travel much only to South Africa': reconstructing nineteenth-century Cornish migration patterns (2007)

Bernard Deacon

Family history on the move: where your ancestors went and why (2006)

Roger Kershaw

The Cornish overseas: a history of Cornwall's 'great emigration' (2005)

Payton, Philip

Migration in Torqay during the nineteenth century (2008)

Jackie Bryon

Devon settlers in London (1930)

Pike, Annie G

Devon people in Dorset parish registers (1981)

P. N. Dawe

Migration and the social geography of mid-nineteenth century Plymouth (1984)

Brayshay, Mark

The law of settlement in practice (1979)

R. R. Sellman

Marriages of Devonians in Cornwall (1902)

J. Hambley Rowe

Plymouth Emigration Depot in the nineteenth century (1988)

W. N. Bryant

How many went?: the size of the great Cornish emigration of the nineteenth century (1987)

Bernard Deacon

Emigration (1971)

Rowe, John

Government assisted emigration from Plymouth in the nineteenth century (1980)

Brayshay, Mark

Emigrants leaving Plymouth (c.1810)

Prout, Samuel

Emigrants and expats: a guide to sources on UK emigration and residents overseas (2002)

Roger Kershaw

Census 1971: migration regional report (10% sample) - South West region part 2 (1976)

Census 1971: migration regional report (10% sample) - South West region part I (1975)

The British overseas: a guide to the records of their births, baptisms,... available in the United Kingdom (1994)

Sample census 1966, England and Wales: migration regional report South West Region (1968)

Cornish strays' index 1997 (1998)

The Cornish overseas (1999)

Philip J. Payton

Explorers and colonisers: what Devon and Cornwall did for the world (1997)

Reg Scott

Devon born Bristolians, 1861 census: a list of names taken from the 1861 census of people ... living in the St. Mary Redcliffe ([1989])

Jane Baker

Devon born Bristolians, 1861 census: a list of names taken from the 1861 census of people ... living in the Ashley & Bedminster (1987)

Jane Baker