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The story of Gytha and her times (2011)

Joyce Crabtree

King John (1974)

W. L. Warren

William III (1919)

[Prince Maurice] (1919)

Coronation day, Exmouth boat houses ([1902])

Robert G. Murduck

[King George VI coronation celebrations in Phear Park, Exmouth, 1937] (1937)

King ..

Copleston's Field, Exmouth, jubilee day, 1897 (1897)

Jubilee celebrations, the Strand, Exmouth, 1897 (1897)

Proclamation of Queen Elizabeth II, the Strand, Exmouth, 1952 (1952)

Proclamation of Queen Elizabeth II, the Strand, Exmouth, 1952 (1952)

Silver jubilee thanksgiving service, the Strand, Exmouth, May 5th 1935 (1935)

Holy Trinity Church, Exmouth: memorial service 1952 (1952)

A key to the business of the present S....n: [George II]: I.His H...'s speech to his Life-Guard of Switzers, ... II. Certain important hints deliver'd to an assembly .. (1742)

Louis IX (1801)

J. Chapman

Donna Maria ([1828?])

Robert Graves

Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Wales and of Saalfeld (1818)

Henry Hoppner Meyer

Elizabeth Queen of England (c.1720)

Michael Van Der Gucht

George the IIId King of Great Britain, France and Ireland ([1785?])

Lady Jane Grey (c.1820)

T. A. Dean

Gustav Adolph Konig von Schweden (c.1775)

Christian Gottlieb Geyser

Charles 1st. (c.1850)

T. W. Knight

K.Charles I (c.1760)

J. Mynde

Henry, Prince of Wales, by Isaac Oliver. The property of the Bodleian Library. No. 413 ([1860?])

Isaac Oliver

James I (1793)

W Ridley

James I King of Great Britain, France, & Ireland, etc. (1713)

Michael Van Der Gucht

James I, by Van Somer. The property of Her Majesty the Queen. No.444 ([1860?])

Paul Van Somer

His Most Gracious Majesty George III (1807)

Edward Scriven

The proprietors of the Weekly Dispatch, Sunday newspaper, have respectfully presented, this striking likeness of His Most Gracious Majesty George the 4th. to their numerous subscribers ([1820?])

Holl, W.

Don. Carlo, Earl of Plymouth (c.1690)

John Smith (Portrait artist)

John Duke of Bedford Regent of France: from a curious limning in a (ms) rich prayerbook presented by himself to K.Hen.6 now in the possession of the Earl of Oxford (c.1730)

George Vertue

Philip II. of Spain, by Sanchez Coello. The property of Sir W.S.Maxwell, Bt., M.P. No. 200 ([1860?])

Alonso Sanchez Coello

William the Fourth, King of Great Britain etc. etc. (c.1830)

William Alais

James, 1st: taken from a bronze larger than life over the pricipal entrance of the banquetting room at Whitehall. See Pennants London (1793)

James ..

His Majesty King George IV: engraved from a painting by Sir Thos.Lawrence F.R.A. in the possession of Lord Bloomfield (c.1822)

Thomas Lawrence ( Sir)

Princess Nicolas Esterhazy (1842)

William Henry Egleton

Madame Elizabeth (1883)

William Greatbach

Anne of Denmark Queen of King James Ist. (c.1750)

Albert 1. King of the Belgians 7555 A (c.1910)

[Prince Albert] (c.1855)

King Eadred of Wessex (1999)

Paul A. Goold

William Duke of Gloucester (c.1700)

William V. Prince of Orange (c.1780)

King Willm. IIId landing at Torbay 5 Novr. 1688 (c.1810)

James Heath

Guillaume III. Roy d'Angleterre etc.etc. (c.1690)

Jan Lamsvelt

The picture of the most noble and, learned Ladye Arbella Steuart etc. (1619)

Jane Seymour Queen of Henry the VIII (c.1720)

H.R.H. the Duke of Cambridge, K.G. etc.: from a photograph lent by H.R.H. expressly for this work ([1860?])

Thomas Williams Hunt

Elisabeth de Anglia, Franciae et Hiberniae Regina: e collectione dni. dni. Richardi Meade M.D. ([1732])

George Vertue

Edward V King of England France etc.: from a limning in a manuscript-book now in the library at Lambeth ([1732])

George Vertue

Edward III King of England & France: from an antient painting in Windsor Castle ([1732])

George Vertue