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Charles Bradlaugh and the Exeter roughs (1980)

J. H. Porter

Radicalism and freethought in nineteenth century Britain: the life of Richard Carlile (1983)

Joel H. Wiener

The true history of Joshua Davidson: Christian and communist (1890)

E. Lynn Linton

Radicalism in Bristol in the nineteenth century (1981)

David Large

Bristol's other history (1983)

Richard Carlile: his life and masonic writings (1936)

S. J. Fenton

The radical house which Jack would build: with ten caricature engravings. ([1819?)

Thomas Wakley: an improbable radical (1993)

John Hostettler

The true history of Joshua Davidson (1872)

Tiverton liberty. At an Uncommon Council .. ([1793])

Placards and pin money: another look at Bristol's other history (1986)

Richard Carlile, agitator: his life and times (1941)

G.A. Aldred

Expiring struggles of the Pitt faction at Exeter (1819)

Richard Carlile, 1790-1843 (1943)

G. D. H. Cole