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the association oath rolls of 1696 (, 1921)

Wallace Gandy

the Chartist movement (1918)

Mark Hovell

Della forza nelle cose politiche. Vol 2: ragiomenti quattro (1826)

Luigi Angeloni Frusinate

Liberals and conservatives in west Cornwall 1832-1868 (1993)

Jaggard, Edwin

Labour failure and the liberal tendency: radical politics and Cornish political culture, 1880-1939 (1994)

Payton, Philip

The politics of the Celto-Cornish revival, 1886-1939 (1997)

Garry Tregidga

Cornwall's unsung political hero: Sir John Colman Rashleigh (1998)

Brian Elvins

Socialism and the old left: the labour party in Cornwall during the inter-war peried (1999)

Garry Tregidga

The Lemon family interest in Cornish politics (1999)

Brian Elvins

Bodmin man: Peter Bessell and Cornish politics in the 1950's and 1960's (2000)

Garry Tregidga

Brian Elvins and nineteenth-century Cornish electoral politics (2002)

Jaggard, Edwin

Party, personality and place: researching the politics of modern Cornwall (2002)

Garry Tregidga

Positions, patronage, and preference: political influence in Fowey before 1832 (2004)

Helen Doe

Noscitur a sociis: Jenner, Duncombe-Jewell and their millieu (2004)

Sharon Lowenna

Party politics, constituency organization and the powere of the electoral register: national perspectives and the Bristol battleground 1832-1841 (1996)

Peter Brett

Class and politics in Bath, 1832-48 (1986)

D. McNulty

Essays on the political circumstances of Ireland .. (1799)

Alexander Knox

The letters of Junius in two volumes, with additions and explanatory notes (1775)

Junius (Pseudonym of an 18th century writer)

Anecdotes of the life of the Right Hon. William Pitt [1736-78] (1797)

John Almon

Resume general, ou extrait des cahiers de pouvoirs .. (1789)

Resume ..

The history of the late minority ... 1762, 1763, 1764, and 1765 (1766)

John Almon

The patriot : addressed to the people, on the present state .. (1793)

Hardy, Thomas

Common sense; addressed to the inhabitants of America. - New ed (1776)

Paine, Thomas

Observations on a letter ... from Warren Hastings (1783)

Letters of the spirit of patriotism, on the idea of a patriot king, and on the state of parties at the accession of [George I] (1752)

Henry St. John (1st Viscount Bolingbroke)

The free-holder; or, political essays. - 6th ed (1739)

Joseph Addison

Aphorisms political (1659])

James Harrington

Rural communities and decision -making:: local politics in the twenty-first century (2000)

Oz Osborne

Farmers, nabobs and county politics in Cornwall, 1832-1868 (1985)

Jaggard, Edwin

Dorset politics in the puritan revolution (1982)

James A. Casada

Reflections on Elizabethan Barnstaple: politics and society (1972)

John Roberts

Cornwall politics in the age of reform, 1790-1885 (2000)

Edwin Kent Glavert Jaggard

Cornwall politics in the age of reform, 1790-1885 (1999)

Edwin Kent Glavert Jaggard

The conduct of the opposition and the tendency of modern patriotism, reviewed and examined (1734)

The craftsman: being a critique on the times (1727)

Caleb D'Anvers

The Fortescue papers ; consisting chiefly of letters relating to state affairs (1871)

A grand banquet (or general mess) ... prepared by Mr W.E.Gladstone ([1885?)

Towards new horizons (1919)

An impartial inquiry into the causes of the present fears and dangers of the Government, .. (1692)

Henry Booth (1st Earl of Warrington)

A short answer to a whole litter of libels (1680)

Roger L'Estrange (Sir)

The free-born subject: or, the Englishman's birthright : asserted against all tyrannical usurpations either in Church or State (1679)

, Roger L'Estrange (Sir)

A letter to the clergy of Cornwall respecting the county library ...observations on popular discontents and on equality (1792)

The Taunton-Dean letter, from E.C. to J.F. .. (1701)

C-, E.

Three discourses of Sr.Walter Raleigh. I.Of a war with Spain ... II.Of the ... cause of ...war III.Of ecclesiastical power (1702)

Walter Raleigh (Sir)

Seems so! a working class view of politics (1911)

Reynolds, Stephen

A faithful remembrance and advice to the general council of officers of the armies ... from divers in Cornwal and Devon .. (1659)

Dear Bill: the collected letters of Denis Thatcher (1980)

Richard Ingrams

Why should Englishmen support home rule for Ireland ?

Edwin Charles Perry (Mayor of Exeter)

Politics and elections in Devon (1989)

The Exeter garland: facsimiles of early items in Devon libraries. 1. National politics, 1641-1793 (1991)