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A very English scandal: sex, lies and a murder plot at the heart of the establishment (2016)

John Preston

[The scrapbooks of Juanita Maxwell Phillips]. (1932 - 1940)

Juanita Maxwell Phillips

Reluctant first lady: an intimate story of Eleanor Roosevelt's early public life (1962)

Lorena A. Hickok

Strictly Ann: the autobiography (2014)

Ann Widdecombe

A private life of Michael Foot (2015)

Carl Rollyson

Free trade's first missionary: Sir John Bowring in Europe and Asia (2014)

Bowring, Philip

Viva Juanita!: Juanita Phillips, champion for change in East Devon between the wars (2012)

Julia Neville

Nancy, Lady Astor: sunshine of Plymouth (2009)

Norman, Vicky

Copy of oil painting. Alderman Hugh Crossing (1913)

Hare, Mary

Bill Miller: Black labour party activist in Plymouth (2006)

Jonathan Wood

William Fines Viscount Sey and Seale, Lord Sey and Seale (c.1750)

William Viscount Say and Seale, Mr. of ye Court of Wards (c.1713)

Col. Nathaniel Fiennes: from an original painting (c.1713)

Michael Van Der Gucht

The Rt.Honble. Lord Ashley, M.P. (c.1830)

Francis Lord Cottington (c.1750)

Francis ..

Francis Cottington, Lord Cottington of Hanworth, Mr.of the Court of Wards, Chancellour of the Exchequer (c.1713)

Francis ..

Simon Bolivar (1826)

R. Page (Engraver)

Sr. John Coke Kt. Secretary of State: done from an original painting (1713)

John Sturt (Engraver)

Earl Temple (1782)

The Rt.Hon..Sr.Francis Bacon, Knt. Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of England etc. (c.1713)

Michael Van Der Gucht

The Right Honble Sr.Francis Bacon ,Baron of Verulam, Viscount of St.Albans, Ld.High Chancellor of England (c.1680)

Frederick Hendrick Van Hove

President Wilson: 'The chaalenge is to all mankind. The wrongs against which we now array ourselves cut to the very root of human life' (1917)

General Smuts: 'we are going to extend liberty, freedom & nationhood more & more in every part of the world' ([1917])

J Russell

General Washington (1800)

J. Chapman

Th. Jefferson ([1870?])

Andrew Jackson (1870)

Mrs. Fawcett ([1890?])

W. Downey

Sir Ralph Verney, Bt. by Cornelius Jansen. The proporty of Sir Harry Verney, bart. M.P. No.612 ([1880?])

Cornelius Jansen

Michael Foot: a life (2007)

Kenneth O. Morgan

Edmund Burke Esqr. (c.1780)

Isaac Foot: a Westcountry boy - Apostle of England (2006)

Michael Foot

The Right Honourable Henry Pelham (c.1750)

Thomas Wriothesly Earl of Southampton (c.1720)

Alderman Wood, M.P.: engraved form an original drawing , July 1820 (c.1820)

Sir John Edward Swinburne, Bart, F.R.S. President of the Artisits Benevolent Fund (c.1825)

Charles Edward Wagstaff

Francis-Charles Seymour-Conway, Marquess & Earl of Hertford (1833)

William Holl

George Savile, Marquis of Halifax (c.1740)

Sir George Savile Bart. (c.1785)

Lodge, John

Lord Cardross (1765)

John Finlayson

Henry Ld.Visct.Bolingbroke (c.1720)

Killerton, Camborne and Westminster: the political correspondence of Sir Francis Acland and Lady Acland, 1910-1929 (2006)

Francis Dyke Acland (Sir)

Sr. William Morice. Secretary of State to King Charles the Second: in the collection of Sr.William Morice Bart. (c.1790)

John Goldar

The Rt.Honble.Henry John Temple, Lord Viscount Palmerston, G.C.B. ([1830?])

H. Cook

The Rt.Honble. Sir Robert Peel, Bart. ([1850?])

John Cochran

Walter Moyle of Bake in Cornwall Esqr. Obyt 9.Jun.1721. aet.49 ([1726])

George Vertue

Palmerston (1870)

Joseph Brown

Philip Dormer Stanhope Earl of Chesterfield: from a painting by Mr.Hoare, in the possession of Solomon Dayrolles Esq. (c.1775)

Giovanni Vitalba

Robert Stewart Marquis of Londonderry (1822)

Willm. Wilberforce, Esqr. (c.1830)

Holl, W.

Jules Favre ([1860?])