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Statement of accounts, 1929 ([1930])

Blackshirts in Devon (2006)

Todd Gray

Listening to Devon: Devon County Conservative manifesto 2001-2005 (2001)

Newsletter (1981-)

Liberal newsletter: St. Leonard's Ward

Exeter banner (19--)

The Manor Street free speech controversy of 1906: how the Plymouth S D F broke a pernicious circle (1975)

John Beresford

Secret society: inside - and outside - the Conservative Party (1996)

Nicholson, Emma

The Liberal Party in South-West Britain since 1918: political decline, dormancy and rebirth (2000)

Garry Tregidga

Plymouth associations: politics and pressure groups. (1996)

Year book and blotter 1954-55: the official organ of the Conservative party in Exeter (1954)

Young Socialists spring programme 1969

Just landed, from the General Palmer, a genuine stock of Russell's purge, fresh from the manufactories of Woeburn .. ([1830?)

Mongrel liberalism at Honiton. From the Western Luminary, Feb. 25, 1840 (1840)

Charles Carus Wilson

The glorious life and actions of St.Whigg: an account of his country, parentage, birth .. (1708)

The New Devon: a new start (1997)

A future for Torrington: a liberal study on how to get more jobs into the Torrington division (1966)

Tony Lacey

The operation of the Bristol Labour party: a view from the edge (1983)

Ben Barker

North Devon now (1996)

Devon: the future ; Labour party manifesto for County Council elections 1973 (1973)

The Ecology Party, a new political movement ([1978])

Alliance campaign for Devon 1985 (1985)

The Western Fascist, November 1933-February 1934 (1993-)

The character of a Tory (1681)

The Western Fascist, November 1933-February 1934 (1993-)

The Monster Raving Loony Alliance Party ([1991])

The Future for Devon: Labour's programme for Devon County Council (1993)

Whither Devon? ([1993])

Conservatives work for Devon: the manifesto Devon County Council elections Thursday May 6th 1993 (1993)

Plymouth - a city with a future: an analysis of five years of Tory rule and plans for the future ([1973])

Manifesto aims of the party ([1992])

Vote for insanity: you know it makes sense ([1992])

Support the Monster Raving loonies: draft manifesto 1992 ([1992])

Exeter City Council elections 1991: quality with Labour : the manifesto of the Exeter Labour Party (1991)

Caring for Devon (1989)

Into the nineties with Labour: Labour policies for Devon : County Council elections Thursday 4th May 1989 (1989)

Devon at the crossroads: a manifesto for Devon Green Party County Council elections 1989 (1989)

Leading Devon right into the 1990s: the Conservative manifesto for the Devon County Council elections May 4th 1989 (1989)

A future to believe in: SDP priorities for Devon ([1989])

Forward with the conservatives: a policy statement from the Exeter Conservatives (1986)