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Twigs for an eagle's next: government and the arts 1965-1978 (1979)

Michael Straight

The letters of Archie Butt: personal aide to President Roosevelt (1924)

Lawrence F. Abbott

Reluctant first lady: an intimate story of Eleanor Roosevelt's early public life (1962)

Lorena A. Hickok

Addresses and messages of Franklin D. Roosevelt: compiled from offocial sources, intended to present the chronological development of the foreign policy of the United States from the annoucement of ... (1943)

Franklin D. Roosevelt

On our way (1934)

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Political elites in South-West England, 1450-1500: politics, governance, and the Wars of the Roses (2009)

R. E. Stansfield-Cudworth

The secret history of the court of Berlin ... in a series of letters (1789)

Honore Gabriel Riquetti Mirabeau (Comte)

An enquiry into the reasons of the conduct of Great Britain, with relations to the present state of affairs in Europe (1727)