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The parliamentary representation of Devon and Dorset 1559-1601: a thesis submitted for the degree of Master of Arts in the University of London (1958)

John Charles Roberts

Representation and rebellion in the later middle ages (1999)

Orme, Nicholas

Notitia parliamentaria: or, an historie of the counties, cities, and boroughs in England and Wales ... 2nd ed with addits (1730)

Browne Wills

Notitia parliamentaria: or, an history of the counties ... (1716)

Browne Willis

Patrons, principles and parties: Cornwall politics 1760-1910 (1984)

Edwin Kent Glavert Jaggard

Parliament in Elizabethan England: J.Hooker's Order and usage (1977)

Vernon F. Snow

The parliamentary threat to freedom (1968)

Peter De La Cour