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South West: revised proposals (2012)

Aesop's fables illustrated ([1868?])

Exeter election (1892)

An exact abridgment of the records in the Tower of London: from the reign of King Edward the Second unto King Richard the Third .. (1679)

Robert Bruce Cotton (1st Baronet Cotton of Connington)

Whitelocke's notes uppon the King's writt for choosing members of Parliament XIII Car. II .. (1766)

Bulstrode Whitelocke (Sir)

Historical collections ... four last parliaments ... Elizabeth (1680)

Heywood Townshend

An entire and complete history, political and personal, of the boroughs of Great Britain, together with the Cinque Ports (1792)

Thomas Hinton Burley Oldfield

Historical collections of private passages of state .. (1721)

John Rushworth

Parliamentary papers : a complete collection of King's speeches messages to Parliament, addresses .. (1797)

The Chamber of Deputies (principal entrance) / drawn by Fredk. Nash ; engraved by James Redway ; printed by I.Hayward. - Proof (1822)

James Redaway

A kick at the broad-bottoms! - i.e. emancipation of all the talents. &c / Js Gillray invt & fec (1807)

James Gillray

Bonaparte dissolving the Council of Five Hundred (1820?)

Thomas Kelly

The sitting of the council of five hundred at St. Cloud to whom Bonaparte having presented himself, he dissolved, Novr.10th 1799 (1800)

Francesco Bartolozzi

Ouverture des Etats Generaux a Versailles le 5 mai 1789 / dessine par C.Monet ; grave par Helman (1810?)

Isidore-Stanislas Helman

Assemblee Nationale, abandon de tous les privileges, a Versailles sceance ...du 4 au 5 aout 1789 / dessine par C.Monnet (1810?)

Isidore-Stanislas Helman

To the gentlemen, clergy, and freeholders of the county of Devon: The eyes of England are upon you

The cathedral chapter of Exeter and the general election of 1705 (1930)

N. Sykes

A reply to the House of Commons. Or rather to an impostor, giving answer in their names to the Londoners petition ... Sept.11.1648 (1648)

A reply to the House of Commons. Or rather to an impostor, giving answer in the names to the Londoners petition, ... Sept.11. 1648 (1648)

The manner of holding parliaments in England. Collected forth of our ancient records. Whereunto is added. Certaine ancient customs .. (1641)

William Hakewill

His Majesties most gracious speech to both Houses of Parliament, at the opening of the Parliament at Oxford ... 21st March 1680 (1681)

Charles II (King of Great Britain)

A modest vindication of the petitions of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal for the calling of a free parliament (1688)

The House of Lords: its record and its prospects : an essay on possible reforms (1935)

Merrivale (Rt. Hon. the Lord)

An island assembly: the development of the States of Guernsey 1700-1949 (1988)

Richard Hocart

The priviledges and practice of parliaments in England. Collected out of the common lawes of this land. ... (1628)