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Fishing in Cockington documents 1439-40 (1996)

H. S. A. Fox

Extract from court roll of North Lew and Halwill manor (1914)

Oswald J. Reichel (Reverend)

Notes on the court rolls of Morchard Arundell (2002)

Penny Whicher

The court rolls of the manor of Curry Rivel in the years of the black death, 1348-9 (1910)

John Frederick Chanter (Reverend)

Widworthy manorial court rolls 1453-1617 (1997)

The manor of Bridgetown Pomeroy Court Book 1843-1932 (2010)

Ken Prout

The materials for the history of the town of Wellington Co.Somerset Part 2. Manorial court rolls 1277-1908 (1997)

Arthur L. Humphreys

Elizabethan court rolls of Stokenham Manor in South Devon 1560- 1602 (1984)

Walkhampton Manor Court rolls 1767-1858 (1995)

The Provost Court of the City and County of ... Exeter ... provision of the Common Law Procedure Act 1852, 1854 & 1860 ... (1875)

The 1976 rules for the Leet and Baron Juries of the Borough of Aysheberton in the County of Devon (1976)

A manor book of Ottery St. Mary with a note on the history of the dependent manor of Cadhay (1913)

Catherine Durning Whetham

Manorial records: an introduction to their transcription and translation (1992)

Denis Stuart

How to locate and use manorial records (1985)

Patrick T. R. Palgrave-Moore

A manor book of Ottery St.Mary (1913)

Catherine Durning Whetham

Note on a Court Roll of Hulham manor (1890)

John B. Phear (Sir)