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Poll books 1696-1872: a directory to holdings in Great Britain (2008)

Jeremy Gibson

Electoral registers 1832 - 1948; and Burgess Rolls: a directory to holdings in Great Britain (2008)

Jeremy Gibson

Dorset absent voters' list 1918-1919 [electornic resource] (c2007)

Dorset ..

Somerset electoral registers 1832 [electornic resource]: East and West divisions (2003)

Register of electors: Lundy (1938-)

Somerset electoral registers 1832. Western division (1996)

Somerset electoral registers 1832. Eastern division (1996)

Northern division...list of persons entitled to vote in the election of knights of the shire...of Devon, 1839 (1839)

Compiling the electoral register: a survey carried out by the Social Survey Division of the OPCS (1992)

Mary Hickman

List of Burgesses of the Borough of Tiverto' in the parish of Tiverton in Westexe Ward, from the first day of November, 1840, inclusive, to the first day of November, 1841 ([1840])

Copy of the register of electors for the borough of Tiverton, 1864-65 (1864)

Register of Electors, 1920 (1920, )

Electoral Register, 1939 (1939)

Register of Electors. 1938 (1938)

Register of Electors, 1937 (1937)

Register of Electors, 1935 (1935)

Electoral registers since 1832, and Burgess Rolls. (1990)

Jeremy Gibson

Electoral registers since 1832 (1989)

Jeremy Gibson