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The East Devon (Electoral changes) Order 2017: Statutory Instruments No. 1315 (2017)

The Teignbridge (Electoral changes) Order 2017: Statutory Instruments No. 1081 (2017)

The Torridge (Electoral changes) Order 2017: Statutory Instruments No. 1083 (2017)

Leading the localities: executive mayors in English local governance (2006)

Colin Copus

How people vote: a study of electoral behaviour in Greenwich (1956)

Mark Benney

The 1830 parliamentary election in Shaftesbury (1989)

F. C. Hopton

Old county elections in Devon (1888)

Peel, Disraeli and the 1835 Taunton by-election (1983)

R. E. Foster

The politics of place: three Devon constituencies and the 1900 general election (2001)

Paul Lambe

The Torquay divisional contest: the general election 1900 (1998)

Patrick Lambe

Religion and voting in an English borough:: Poole in 1859 (1983)

T. A. McDonald

The election of 1931 (1932)

The election of 1931 (1932)

Sham mayors (1919)

G. S. Gidley

Election day treating in the last century (1900)

P. F. S. Amery

The Honiton elections of 1806 and the genesis of parliamentary reform (1985)

John Sugden

Sidelights on Tiverton elections, 1834-5 (1975)

W. P. Authers

The Barnstaple election of July, 1852 (1980)

Newton, Robert

The Parliamentary election of 1818 (1926)

Chope, R. Pearse

Exeter election, 1688-9 (1926)

R. B. M-

Elections at Exeter 1689-1760 (1983)

Newton, Robert

The Cathedral chapter of Exeter and the election of 1705: a reconsideration (1984)

M. G. Smith (Reverend)

To the gentlemen, clergy, and freeholders of the county of Devon: The eyes of England are upon you

The Chancellor of the Exchequer addressing Conservative electors of Exeter at the Victoria Hall, March 30, 1880 (1880)

Exeter torch light procession on Saturday evening Jan 31 1874 (1874)

An unknown" Devon county poll-book (1974)

R. Gwyn Thomas

Torch light procession Exeter election, March 30/80 (1880)

[ ] Jonas Dennis, of nobody knows where, nor does any body care ([1830])

Justitia (Pseudonym)

Exeter election. 1820. Sir W.T.Pole, Bart. From the ... gentlemen who voted for Sir T.W.Pole ... publish their names ([1820])

A song (1795)

Honiton Parliamentary election posters 1831 - 1832

Honiton Parliamentary election posters 1841 - 1895

Reports ...before Select Committees of the House of Commons in cases of controverted elections (1791)

Simon Fraser

The ox and his friends: a fable ([1833?)

An old fable, newly translated, shewing how you may go further .. ([1837?)

Old ..

Broken promises! To the electors of Tiverton ([1857?)

Faithful Friend to Reform (Pseudonym)

Tiverton election. To. H.S.Hodges, Esq ([1837])

Brother Soldier (Pseudonym)

Whereas, I have been accused most unjustly ... with having violateda pledge of neutrality ... at the last Totnes election ([1840])

James Shore

South Devon election: letter from Richard Peek, Esq. to the editor of The Patriot ([1832?)

Richard Peek

To the yeomanry and inhabitant freeholders of ... Devon ([1812])

Independent Freeholder (Pseudonym)

To the independent electors of Tiverton ([1832])

C. Chichester

To the electors of Tiverton ([1832])

Veritas (Pseudonym)

To the independent electors of the borough of Tiverton ([1832])

C. Chichester

To the independent electors of the borough of Tiverton (c.1833)

William Roeclift

To the friends of James Kennedy, Esq. ([1832])

To the electors of the borough of Tiverton ([1833])

James Kennedy

To the electors of the City of Exeter (1832)

William Webb Follett (Sir)

A little play, entitled The rejected candidate ([1857])

Exeter races. From Bell's life (1857)

The Isles of Scilly (representation of the people) order 1950: Statutory Instruments 1950 ; no. 115 (1950)