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Demography and household forecasts (1990)

Dave King

A demographic study of the parishes of Bruton and Pitcombe (1978)

Donald M. McCallum

The ancient population of the forest of Dartmoor (1907)

Robert Burnard

Birth, marriage and death in East Budleigh 1555-1810 (1976)

R. R. Sellman

The population of Hartland in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (1979)

Greg Finch

Population and local history (1972)

R. Schofield

Longevity on Dartmoor: memory, community and the land (1995)

Greeves, Tom

The place of Colyton in English population history (1982)

Brian Clapp

A preliminary investigation into the Tiverton parish register (1976)

Thurlestone families (1978)

Neville C. Oswald

North Molton: the pre-census population (1976)

Norman Annett

Decline and change in some West Devon market town parishes ... (2001)

Peter Walker

Population and society in an East Devon parish: reproducing Colyton 1540-1840 (2002)

Pamela Sharpe

Numbering the people (1973)

D. V. Glass

Northam and Barnstaple: contributions to the historical demography of the Taw-Torridge region... (1977)

David A. L. Wilson

From childhood to middle age: cohort analysis in Colyton 1851-91 ([1995])

Jean Robin

A glossary for local population studies (1978)

Leslie Bradley

North Molton: pre-census population (1970)

Norman Annett

A note on the origins and distribution of some Westcountry families using the 1978 telephone directories (1979)

P. S. Bulson

Literally spinsters: a new interpretation of local economy and demography in Colyton in the seventeenth & eighteenth centuries (1991)

Pamela Sharpe

Sheepstor: a study of population change in the 19th & 20th centuries (1989)

Paul Rendell

Annual report of the Institute of Population Studies 1980 ([1981])

Census report: population, housing and economic activity in the city of Exeter : study based on the 1981 census statistics ([1988?])

The population, past and present, of the lower Otter valley (1984)

Anita M. Jennings (Doctor)

Rural depopulation in England and Wales 1851-1951 (1957)

John Saville