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The Jews of Plymouth: an illustrated history (2015)

Helen Fry

The Jews of Exeter: an illustrated history (2013)

Helen Fry

Tracing your Jewish ancestors: a guide for family historians (2008)

Rosemary Wenzerul

Jews in North Devon during World War II (2007)

Helen P. Fry

Jews in North Devon during the Second World War: the escape from Nazi Germany and the establishment of the Pioneer Corps (2005)

Helen P. Fry

De legibus Herbraeorum, et earum rationibus, libri tres (1685)

John Spencer (Dean of Ely)


The mediaeval Jews of Exeter (1931)

Michael Adler

Social acclimatization of Jews in eighteenth and ninteenth century Devon (1970)

Bernard Susser

Jewish ancestors?: a guide to organising your family history records (2004)

Rosemary Wenzerul

The jews of the Channel Islands and the rule of law, 1940-1945: quite contrary to the principles of British justice (2000)

David Fraser

The Jews of Barnstaple and Bideford (2001)

Helen P. Fry

A beginner's guide to Jewish genealogy in Great Britain (2000)

The Jews of Devon and Cornwall: essays and exhibition catalogue (2000)

The lost Jews of Cornwall from the middle ages to the ninetennth century (2000)

St. Paul when he was a prisoner in Rome: ... a discourse ... occasioned by their delivering Joseph Ottolenghe, a ... Jew .. (1735)

Lewis Stephens

An answer to two papers lately publish'd by Gabriel Treves, a Jew of the City of Exeter ... ([1735])

Joseph Ottolenghe

Jewish cemeteries of Devon: Exeter, Torquay & Paignton and Plymouth (2013)

Helen Fry

Discovering the Jews' burial ground at Exeter ([1998])

Tombstone inscriptions at Exeter Jews' burial ground ([1998])

Michael Adler

Jews in Bristol (1997)

Judith Samuel

Monumental inscriptions of Cornwall: Penzance Jewish Cemetery (1996)

Tombstone inscriptions in the old Jewish cemetery on Plymouth Hoe (1996)

Jewish South-West of England birth, marriage and death registers (1996)

Jewish South-West of England wills (1996)

Jewish tombstone inscriptions in South-West England (1996)

The decennial census: Jewish south-west of England ... 1841-1891 (1996)

Biographies of all known Jews in South-West England (1996)

My ancestor was Jewish: how can I find out more about him? (1982)

The Jews in Bristol in pre-expulsion days (1931)

Michael Adler

The Jews of South-West England: the rise and decline of their medieval and modern commmunities (1993)

Bernard Susser

Jews of Devon and Cornwall from the middle ages until the early twentieth century. (1977)

Bernard Susser

Jewish county history (19--)

Bernard Susser

The rise of provincial jewry: the beginning of the communities, 1740-1840 (1948)

Cecil Roth

The Plymouth Synagogue 1761-1961, 5521-5721 (1961)

Doris Black