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Ordinale secundum usum Exon compiled by John de Grandisson (1880)

Ordinale secundum usum Exon. Part 1 ([188-?)

John Grandisson (Bishop of Exeter)

Liber pontificalis of Edmund Lacy, Bishop of Exeter (1847)

Lacy, Edmund

The proper lessons for Saints' days according to the use of Exeter (1880)

Ordinale Exon.(Exeter Chapter Ms 3502 collated with Parker Ms93) (1909)

The Leofric Missal (2002)

The medieval kalendar of the Diocese of Exeter, adapted to the modern kalendar of the C of E (1887)

Legenda sanctorum (1880)

John Grandisson (Bishop of Exeter)

1. Sanctus, 2.Magnificat (anonymous, 14th century) (1973)

The Leofric Missal as used in the Cathedral of Exeter...1050-1072 (1883)

The Leofric Collectar compared with the Collectar of St.Wulfstan with documents of Exeter and Worcester (1921)

The Leofric Collectar (Harl.Ms 2961) with an appendix ... litany ... Harl. Ms 863 (1914)

An English Benedictional (1964)

Richard Tatlock

Minehead's great treasure: the missal of Richard Fitzjames

Tavistock et Jumieges: nouvel examen du pontificale Lanaletence ([1955?)

John Stephan (Dom)

The use of Salisbury, 2: the proper of the Mass in Advent (1986)