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The Reverend Jerome Clapp in Appledore, 1840-1855 (2007)

Christie, Peter

Yours affectionately Henry Isaac Roper, Bristol March 1842 ([1842])

T. A. Dean

Rev.Richd.Evans, Appledore, Devon, aged 75 (1813)

Thomas Blood

Revd.Wm.Evans, Ford, Devonshire (1811)

Revd.Richard Davis, minister of the gospel, Plymouth Dock (c.1830)

Mr. Thomas Burgess, London (1800)

Revd. J.Burder, M.A., Bristol (c.1850)

John Cochran

Mr Henry Burton Rector of St.Mathews Fryday Street (c.1720)

Georgius Trosse V.D.M. (c.1740)

George Vertue

Revd. Saml .Parrot, Devonport (c.1825)

Charles Penny (Engraver)

Revd.H.Madgin, Tiverton ([1850?])

John Cochran

Revd. R.Meek, South Molton (1822)

Richard Woodman

Revd.Joseph Turnbull, M.A. Tutor of the dissenting college, Hymondly, Herts. (1819)

Orator Henley (c.1820)

George Cruikshank

Revd. W.Wright, Honiton, Devon (c.1830)

John Cochran

Isaac Watts, D.D. (c.1800)

Caroline Watson

Isaac Watts DD (c.1750)

J. Paley

Isaac Watts DD.: musas colinus severiores (1731)

Gerard Van Der Gucht

Isaac Watts V.D.M.: mus as colimus severiores (c.1710)

George Vertue

The late Revd. Joseph Wilkins, Weymouth (1804)

Revd. Robert Winton Exmouth Devon (1801)

Isaac Taylor

Rev. William Rooker, Tavistock (1814)

Thomas Blood

Revd. Saml.Rooker, Biddeford, Devon (1824)

Richard Woodman

Revd. Saml.Rooker, Bideford (1815)

Thomas Blood

Revd. John Saltren, Bridport (1798)

Revd. James Cope, Bridport, Dorsetsh. (1823)

Richard Woodman

Revd. Ebenezr.Corbishley, Appledore North Devon (1828)

Richard Woodman

Revd. R.P.Allen, Exeter (1803)

The nonconformist's memorial : being an account of the ministers who were ejected ... 1662 ... abridged ... by Samuel Palmer (1775)

Edmund Calamy

A sermon preach'd at Exon, November the 5th, 1737 (1737)

John Enty

A sermon preach'd at Exon, Sept. the 9th, 1718, at the meeting of the United ministers of Devon and Cornwall (1718)

Matthew Huddy

The innocence of protestant dissenters cleared and vindicated in reference to the Transactions of 41 and the death of K. Charles I in a sermon preach'd at Plymouth, Jan. 30th 1716 (1717)

John Enty

A continuation of the account of the ministers, lecturers ... who were ejected... by or before the Act of Uniformity in two volumes: Volume 1 (1727)

Edmund Calamy

A sermon preached at Appledore on Thursday, March 8th 1710/11, being the day of Her Majesty's happy accession to the throne (1711)

Benjamin Wills

Sacramental discourses on several texts, before and after the Lord's Supper (1693)

John Shower (Reverend)

An abridgement of Mr. Baxter's history of his life and times. With an account of the ministers .. ejected.. by or before the Act of Uniformity (1713)

Edmund Calamy

The nonconformist's memorial: being an account of the ministers who were ejected ... after the Restoration ... particularly after the Act of Uniformity ... 1662 (1775)

Edmund Calamy