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Revd. W.H.Stowell, Rotherham (c.1835)

Reverend ..

Rev. Edw. Parsons, Leeds ([1819])

Thomas Goff Lupton

[Robert William Dale] ([1865?])

[Thomas Raffles] ([1860?])

C. Ferranti

Revd. D.S.Ward, Sidmouth (1820)

Revd.Edward Parsons, Leeds, Yorkshire: from an original picture in the possession of Mr.J.O.Robinson, of Clapham, Surrey (1819)

Thomas Goff Lupton

Revd.Benjn.Kent, Trowbridge (1824)

Reverend ..

Revd.George Payne, M.A., Edinburgh (1822)

Revd. I.Cobbin, M.A., county corresponding secy.to the Home Missy.Society (1822)

Richard Woodman

Revd. W.L.Alexander M.A., Edinburgh (c.1835)

Reverend ..

Revd. John Alexander, Norwich, from a painting in the possession of his Sunday school teachers (c.1820)

Reverend ..

Memoirs and remains of the Rev.John Griffin, Jun., late minister of Castle Street Chapel, Exeter ... (1825)

John Griffin

No time to sleep at his post: James Wonnacott : biography of a servant of God 1829-1887 (1995)

John T. Mercer

To the Protestant Christians assembled at the meeting house, Ashburton ([1785])

Moses Tozer

Arnold Thomas of Bristol: collected papers and addresses : with a memoir by Nathaniel Micklem (1925)

The reasonableness of dissent from the established church of England (1802)

William Rooker

Witnesses: a history of the six members of the Exeter Council of Congregational churches and their forerunners .. (1962)

Allan Brockett