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Extracts from the minutes of the annual conference of the ministers and representatives of the ... Bible Christians (1889)

Remarkable incidents in the life of John Maynard (1900)

John Maynard

Memorials of Frederick William Bourne (1906)

W. B. Luke

The king's son: or a memoir of Billy Bray, compiled chiefly from his own memoranda (1881)

Frederick William Bourne

The centenary life of James Thorne of Shebbear (1895)

Frederick William Bourne

The early Bible Christians (1941)

Richard Pyke

The Bible Christians, 1815-1907 (1965)

Thomas Shaw

The golden chain: the story of the Bible Christian Methodists from the foundation ... in 1815 to the ... United Methodist Church ([1915])

Richard Pyke

The Westcountry preachers: a new history of the Bible Christian Church (1815-1907) (1987)

Michael J. L. Wickes

The Bible Christians: their origin and history, 1815-1900 (1905)

Frederick William Bourne