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Register of births in the possession of Torrington Baptist church 1814-1838 (1941)

Year book 1964-65 (1964)

the Baptist handbook for 1926 (1926)

Isaac Hann, Baptist minister (1985)

George E. Hann

[Musgrave's Alley, door] ([1876?])

Torrington baptist church: register of births (19--)

Baptist Church, Torrington, Devon: souvenir of the twenty-first anniversary of the Pastor's settlement. 1891-1912 (1912)

G. Frankling Owen (Reverend)

Baptist burial ground, Venn, Aveton Giffard and the baptist chapel, Kingsbridge: monumental inscriptions in Kingsbridge (1989)

In the beginning - God. Our Baptist heritage. How we began at Barnstaple (1983)

A brief memoir of the Rev.Thomas Langdon (1837)

Thomas Langdon

Torrington Bapist Church register of births, 1814-1838 (19--)

From backwoods to beacon: Kilmington Baptist Church : the first 350 years 1650-2000 ([2000?)

The Baptist Union directory for 1981-82 (1982)

History of the Baptist church, Ilfracombe, 1851-1951 (1951)

R. S. Burden

The Dartmouth baptists and Newcomen ([1983])

J. S. P. Buckland

The history of the Baptist Church, Dartmouth: souvenir copy commemorating the 350th anniversary October 1950 (1950)

J. W. Binmore

Loughwood Meeting House, Dalwood nr.Axminster, Devon (1976)

Monumental inscriptions of Cornwall: Calstock Baptist Church (1996)

The Baptist Church Torrington: souvenir of the twenty-first anniversary of the Pastor's settlement 1891-1912 (1912)

Frank Durbin

Thorverton Baptist Church 1832-1982: a brief history ([1982])

Newton St. Petrock Baptist church Ter-Jubilee 1830-1980 ([1980])

Authentic records relating to the Christian Church now meeting.. George St.& Mutley Chapels,Plymouth 1640-1870 (1870)

Henry M. Nicholson

Lyme Regis Baptists 1653-1953: the story of 300 years (1953)

The history of Bradninch Baptist Church ([1951?)

Richard C Griffin

The Baptist burial ground at Cross, Croyde, Georgeham

A history of Saint Thomas Baptist Church. Ter-jubilee 1817-1967 (6th to 14th May 1967) (1967)

A. E. Knapman

A history of Baptist beginnings with some account of ... the Baptist Witnesses in Exeter ... founding of South Street Church (1954)

Arthur Gabb

Brief history of the Baptist Church now meeting in South Street Chapel, Exeter, from the year 1656 (1906)

H. E. Bickers

Year book 1979-80 (1979)

Year Book 1978-79 (1978)

Year book 1976-77 (1976)

Year book 1957-58 (1957)

Annual report 1946, statement of accounts for the year ending 31st December 1945 (1946)

Annual report 1945...statement of accounts for the year ending 31st December 1944 (1945)

Annual report 1944... statement of accounts for the year ending 31st December 1943 (1944)

A short history of the Devon and Cornwall Baptist Associations (c.1975)

George Lewis William Beards

The first 100 years: Mutley Baptist Church, Plymouth 1869-1969 (1969)

A history of the Baptist church now meeting in George Street Chapel, Plymouth from 1620 (1904)

Henry M. Nicholson

A world view of Baptist history (1928)

Ford, Samuel James

Year book 1952 (1952)

The quest for truth (n.d.)

T.Wilkinson Riddle

Historical sketch of the Mutley Baptist Church, Plymouth 1869- 1919 (1919)

Historical ..

Year book 1965-66 (1965)

Story of Falmouth Baptists ; with some account of Cornish Baptist beginnings (1950)

L. A. Fereday

South Devon monumental inscriptions: Baptist burial ground, Venn, Aveton Gifford; Baptist Church & Chapel, Kingsbridge (1990)

Lyn Collins

Tradition and challenge: the story of Broadmead Baptist Church, Bristol from 1685 to 1991 (1992)

C. Sidney Hall

United in Him (1990)

My ancestors were Baptists: how can I find out more about them? (1988)

Geoffrey R. Breed

George Edmonstone - a great Baptist benefactor

J. A. Allwood

Ministry 200: the story of Pill Union Church ([1987?)

Gerald S. Hart