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The Rev.Andrew Fuller, late secretary to the Baptist Missionary Society (c.1815)

Thomas Cook

The Reverend James Foster, D.D. ([1752])

Ravenet, Simon Francois

Samuel Pearce, A.M. (c.1795)

J. Shury

The Reverend James Foster, D.D. (c.1750)

Reverend ..

Revd. Philip Gibbs late pastor of the Baptist church at Plymouth (c.1800)

Ridley ..

Revd. Samuel Kilpin, Exeter (c.1830)

Devonian minister at Metropolitan Tabernacle : youngest since Charles Spurgeon (1946)

Lectures delivered in the Music Hall, Barnstaple (1858)

Samuel Newnam

Messengers of good news (1989)

Derek Tidball