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A sermon preach'd in the church of Crediton, Devon, at the funeral of John Cobley the farther, John his son, and mary his daughter: who perish'd in the late fire of their own house in the said town. ... ([1710])

Thomas Ley

Notes on readings on the last supper: C.A.C. Teignmouth 1941 (1946)

Coates, C. A.

A Narrative of the Loss of the Ship Willem of Amsterdam commanded by C. H. Rooseboom which was wrecked ... near the Port of Ilfracombe ... written ... by a Dutch Lady: [bound with several sermons by ... (1827)

The last sermon preached by Sub-Dean Granville, 1st Sunday in Lent, 1911, Exeter Cathedral ([1911])

Roger Granville

Religious education: a sermon preached at S.Mary's Church, Bideford, on the twenty-fifth Sunday after Trinity, 1890 ([1890])

Roger Granville

Church and dissent: a sermon preached at S.Mary's Church, Bideford, on Sunday, October 2nd, 1887 ([1887])

Roger Granville

The inheritance of our fathers; or, the disestablishment and disendowment of the Church of England: a sermon preached at S.Mary's Church, Bideford, on Sunday, June 26th, 1892 ([1892])

Roger Granville

A collection of religious pamphlets: tracts : chiefly sermons ca. 1746 - 1781

Collection ..

A discourse agains bribery: especially in the election of Members of Parliament (1734)

Discourse ..,

The third sermon (c1615)

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A learned and gracious sermon preached at Paules Crosse (1615)

John Spenser,

Two sermons of Christian love and life: preached ar edbury in Glocester-shire, ...1612 (1613)

Richard Webb

Sermon preached at Mapple-Durham in Oxfordshire (1616)

J. Bowles,

Submission to the will of God in times of affliction: asserted in a sermon .. (1683)

Submission ..,

Sermon preached before the Unversity, at Great St. Maries Church in Cambridge (1681)

Sermon ...,

A sermon preached to the Society ...in Greta Eastcheap, January 1, 1752 (1752)

John Gill

Comfort in calamitie: a sermon preached upon a speciall occasion in S. Clements church in London (c.1613)

Comfort ..,

The nature of mischief and hypocricy: a sermon preached at the Assizes, before Mr. Justice Blencowe, and Mr. Justice Gould, at ST Mary's Church in Oxford, July the fifteenth, 1708 (1708)

A sermon on Proverbs i. 32: The prosperity of fools shall destroy them (c.1730)

Sermon ...,

A discourse against briberyepseccialy in the election of Members of Parliament: being a sermon peached at Boston in the County of Lincoln (1734)

Discourse ..,

A sermon preached inthe church of Newport Pagnel, May 24th, 1830: at the visitation of the Venerable Justly Hill, A. M (1830)

Francis Rose

Popery the bane of true letters (1746)

Chapman, John

The history and advantages of divine revelation ... a sermon (1725)

John Henley

Go shew thyself to the priest (1679)

Laurence Womock

A sermon preached ... before the sons of the clergy 1745 (1745)

Henry Hervey Aston

Christian simplicity : a sermon (1705)

Nicholas Claggett

Certaine sermons .. (1637)

Thomas Gataker

Sermons preached upon several occasions. - 5th ed (1715)

Benjamin Calamy

The lion sermon (1918)

Twelve sermons upon several subjects and Occasions: The third volume. Never before printed (1698)

Robert South (Doctor of Divinity)

A fallen church delineated: and an exortation to repentance ... (1776)

T. English,

A table of the sermons contained in this volume ([1640)

Certaine sermons or homilies, appointed to be read in churches In the time of ... Queen Elizabeth ... now... to ne reprinted (1640)

A sermon preached for the benefit of the Charity School at the Parish Church of Crediton and at the Chapel of Okehampton AND a Sermon on Public Worship (1803)

Price, Rees

A sermon preached in the Cathedral ... Thursday 24th August 1837 ... consecration of new cemetery (1837)

Phillpotts, Henry

Sermon preached at the parish church of St.Leonard's on Sunday June 2nd, 1805 (1805)

Gayer Patch

A sermon; preached at St.Peter's Cathedral, Exeter, on Thursday the 22d of Oct. 1818, being the anniversary of Diocesan Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (1818)

William Oxnam

Christ manifested, and Satan frustrated. A sermon, preached at the Meeting House, in College Lane, Northamton, December 25,1781 (1782)

John Ryland

The divine sacrament of the Eucharist: a sermon ... S.Mary Church diocese of Exeter on Thursday in Holy Week, 1849 ([1849])

Sermons preached in the parish church of Lyme Regis, Dorset (1862)

Edwin T. J. Marriner

Sermons and other discourses: Vol. II (1810)

Lavington, Samuel

Addresses to Christians on making a public profession of religion (1833)

Lavington, Samuel

Three sermons upon practical subjects...preached...by the Rev. Mr. Daniel Rowland,...translated...by the Rev. John Daniels (1778)

Daniel Rowland

The Christian minister's view of his preaching: a sermon addressed to the congregation of protestant dissenters at George's Meeting, Exeter; on Sunday, October 20th, 1822, on taking leave of them (1822)

William Hincks

Two sermons preached in Prince's Street Chapel, Devonport on Sunday July 25th 1886: by Rev. Thomas Hooper on the Occasion of his Resigning the Pastorate of Prince's Street Church after a Ministry of ... (1886)

Hooper, Thomas

Specimens of preaching (1801)

R. S. Hawker (Reverend)

Rome's pretensions tested: sermon preached at the Cathedral Church of St.Peter, Exeter, November 5th 1855 (1855)

E. C. Harington

A funeral sermon ... on the death of Mrs. Elizabeth Munckley ... in Exon, January the 31st, 1713 ([1713])

J. Hallet

Sermons by the late Henry Abraham Gilbert: with an introduction by Alfred Williams and a memoir (1871)

Sermon preached at Bideford on account of death of Rev.S. Lavington ... April 18th 1807 (1807)

Richard Evans