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Strictures on the Plymouth antinomians (1824)

Joseph Cottle

The reviewer reviewed: or examination of ... Cottle's strictures on Plymouth Antinomians

J. Babb

The practice of piety (c.1650)

Lewis Bayly (Right Reverend)

The way to everlasting happinesse (1659)

Benjamin Spencer

[ De imitatione Christi. English] The christian's pattern ... / render'd into English by George Stanhope (1751)

Thomas Á Kempis (Saint)

The case of Abraham and Melchizedeck ... explained (1746)

Thomas Sherlock

Two dissertations: the first on the tree of life ... - 2nd ed (1747)

Benjamin Kennicott

The pilgrim's progress from this world to that which is to come .. (1695)

Bunyan, John

Le lagrime di S.Pietro (1599)

Luigi Tansillo

Hymns in prose for children / by Mrs Barbauld (1866)

Anna Laetitia Barbauld, John Aikin

Hymns in prose for children / by Mrs Barbauld (1864)

Anna Laetitia Barbauld, John Aikin

Heresiography; or, a description of the hereticks. - 3rd ed (1646)

Ephraim Pagitt

Seances and statutes (1948)

C. L'Estrange Ewen

Thomas Benet (1875)

Paul Q.  Karkeek

The trial of Jeremiah Hill, Esq. for heresy, before the church of Christ in Biddeford May 2, 1793 ([1793])

Truro School, orders of service for use in the school chapel

Exmouth miracle plays, May 28,29,30, 1988: souvenir programme (1988)

Two early prayer-books from north Devon (1991)

Orme, Nicholas

Istruzioni an preghiere: opportune ad ogni eta a specialmente alla gioventu (1825)

The nature, design, tendancy and importance of prayer, .. (1758)

William West (Reverend)

[ Preces privatae, instudiosorum collecte & regiae authoritate .. (1564)

Preces ..

A form of prayer to be used in all churches and chapels.. (1739)

Extracts, meditations and prayers (1830)

[The Feast of Feasts] ([17--?])


Private prayers for every day of the week and for several parts of each day: Translated from the Greek devotions of Bishop Andrews with additions by George Stanhope D.D. late Dean of Canterbury (1797)

George Stanhope

Manual of devotion for the visitation of the sick etc. to which (1837)

Henry  Alford (Reverend)

A form of prayer and thnksgiving to almighty God to be used ... on ... July 7th, 1814 ... general thanksgiving ... return of peace (1814)

An Appeal to masters of families on the necessity and advantages of family prayer ... (1824, )

Charles Trelawny Collins (Reverend)

A selection from the new version of the Psalms of David: for the use of the congregation of Bideford Church by Rev W Walter, A. M. Rector (1833)

A selection from the Psalms of David (1825)

The twenty-third psalm: a series of devotional meditations ([1924?)

J. T. Jacob

A selection from the old & new versions of the Psalms for the use of the church of Crediton ... hymns on particular occasions .. (1822)

A brief Introduction to the Study of the Scriptures: adapted to the capacity of youth (1841)

Henry  Alford (Reverend)

A sermon preach'd in the church of Crediton, Devon, at the funeral of John Cobley the farther, John his son, and mary his daughter: who perish'd in the late fire of their own house in the said town. ... ([1710])

Thomas Ley

Notes on readings on the last supper: C.A.C. Teignmouth 1941 (1946)

Coates, C. A.

A Narrative of the Loss of the Ship Willem of Amsterdam commanded by C. H. Rooseboom which was wrecked ... near the Port of Ilfracombe ... written ... by a Dutch Lady: [bound with several sermons by ... (1827)

The last sermon preached by Sub-Dean Granville, 1st Sunday in Lent, 1911, Exeter Cathedral ([1911])

Roger Granville

Religious education: a sermon preached at S.Mary's Church, Bideford, on the twenty-fifth Sunday after Trinity, 1890 ([1890])

Roger Granville

Church and dissent: a sermon preached at S.Mary's Church, Bideford, on Sunday, October 2nd, 1887 ([1887])

Roger Granville

The inheritance of our fathers; or, the disestablishment and disendowment of the Church of England: a sermon preached at S.Mary's Church, Bideford, on Sunday, June 26th, 1892 ([1892])

Roger Granville

A collection of religious pamphlets: tracts : chiefly sermons ca. 1746 - 1781

Collection ..

A discourse agains bribery: especially in the election of Members of Parliament (1734)

Discourse ..,

The third sermon (c1615)

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A learned and gracious sermon preached at Paules Crosse (1615)

John Spenser,

Two sermons of Christian love and life: preached ar edbury in Glocester-shire, ...1612 (1613)

Richard Webb

Sermon preached at Mapple-Durham in Oxfordshire (1616)

J. Bowles,

Submission to the will of God in times of affliction: asserted in a sermon .. (1683)

Submission ..,

Sermon preached before the Unversity, at Great St. Maries Church in Cambridge (1681)

Sermon ...,

A sermon preached to the Society ...in Greta Eastcheap, January 1, 1752 (1752)

John Gill

Comfort in calamitie: a sermon preached upon a speciall occasion in S. Clements church in London (c.1613)

Comfort ..,