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Timothy Hatherly and the Plymouth colony pilgrims (1987)

Steven R. Valdespino

The Mayflower pilgrims: sifting facts from fable (2019)

Derek Wilson

Plymouth and the settlement of New England (2018)

Budd Bailey

The Mayflower generation: the Winslow family and the fight for the New World (2017)

Rebecca Fraser

Medieval pilgrimage: with a survey of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, and Bristol (2018)

Orme, Nicholas

Who Journeyed on the Mayflower? (2015)

Nicola Barber

Jacobean pilgrims from England to St. James of Compostella, from the early twelth to the late fifteenth century (1994)

Storrs, Constance Mary

The Mayflower (1980)

Vernon Heaton

Mayflower tradition (1969)

L. S. Landon

The pilgrims of Plymouth (2001)

Susan E. Goodman

William Wey: an English pilgrim to Compostella in 1456 (2000)

Francis Davey

Pilgrim memorials, and guide to Plymouth. With a lithographic map and eight copperplate engravings (1860)

William S Russell

The pilgrims of Plymouth (1972)

Barbara L. Beck

Edward Winslow (1953)

W. Sterry-Cooper

The new mayflower (1959)

Alan Villiers

The Pilgrim Fathers of New England and their puritan successors (1906)

John Brown

The departure of Mayflower II, April 1957 (1957)

The Pilgrim Fathers and the Mayflower Ship, 1620 ([1985?)

Arthur L. Clamp

The Pilgrim's Faith ([1970])

Peter Toon

Plymouth and the pilgrims; or incidents of adventure in the history of the first settlers (1853)

Joseph Banvard

The Mayflower story: the early lives and adventures of the pilgrims and their voyage on the Mayflower... ([1956])

Ernest George Macdonald Porcelli

The Pilgrim walks of Plymouth Devon ([1970])

Tom Mor (Sir)

Mayflower '70 extra: commemorating the sailing of the pilgrim fathers to the New World in 1620 (1970)

Harwich, the Mayflower and Christopher Jones (1970)

Winifred Cooper

The Mayflower (1975)

Kate Caffrey

Daughter of the dawn: a Mayflower romance (1992)

Elizabeth N. Shaffer

Founding fathers (1982)

John Adair

Genealogy of Norma Conger Harvey's Mayflower pilgrims (c.1995)

Norma Conger Harvey

The story of the Pilgrim Fathers, 1606-1623 AD: as told by themselves, their friends and their enemies (1897)

Our debt to the Pilgrims (1957)

Bradford Smith

The Pilgrim Fathers: their significance in history (1951)

Samuel Eliot Morison

Venturers for the kingdom: a study in the history of the Pilgrim Fathers ([1919])

H. G. Wood

The Mayflower and the Pilgrim Fathers (1970)

The faith of the Pilgrims: an American heritage (1978)

Robert Merrill Bartlett

Mayflower tercentenary celebrations, Wednesday September 1st to Saturday September 11th, 1920: official programme (1920)

Mother Plymouth: a souvenir of the Mayflower tercentenary together with the story of the Pilgrim Fathers 1620-1920 (1920)

Whtifeld, H.

Mayflower essays on the story of the Pilgrim Fathers, as told in Governor Bradford's ms. History of the Plimoth Plantation... (1896)

William Bradford

The Pilgrim Fathers (1970)

Leonard W. Cowie

A place for habitation: the pilgrim fathers and their quest (1973)

Francis Dillon

We're coming over on the Mayflower (1957)

Alan Villiers

Pilgrim story: being largely a compilation from the documents of Governor Bradford and Governor Winslow, .. (1958)

William Franklin Atwood

Pilgrims and early Plymouth: an address (1947)

Henry W Royal

Hames and haunts of the Pilgrim Fathers (1899)

Alexander MacKennal

Places of the Pilgrim Fathers ([1991])

James Dowsing

The Pilgrim Fathers: or, founders of New England in the reign of James the First (1864)

W. H. Bartlett

The Mayflower miracle: the Pilgrim's own story of the founding of America (1987)

Jonathan King

The Pilgrim Fathers: a journal of their coming in the Mayflower to New England and their life and adventures there; 8 engravings

Theodore Besterman

The English ancestry and homes of the Pilgrim Fathers who came to Plymouth on the Mayflower in 1620, the Fortune in 1621, and (1929)

Charles Edward Banks

Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers (1910)

The Pilgrim Fathers; or, the founders of New England in the reign of James the First (1854)

W. H. Bartlett