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The last medieval abbot of Buckfast (2001)

Orme, Nicholas

John Chubbe, abbot of Tavistock (1924)

R. B. M-

A great Devonian: William Briwer (1918)

Hugh Robert Watkin

The human soul and its relations with other spirits (1939)

Anscar Vonier (Abbot)

Sketches and studies in theology (1940, )

Anscar Vonier (Abbot)

Hugh Edmund Ford, first abbot of Downside ([1947])

Bruno Hicks

Christianus (1933)

Anscar Vonier (Abbot)

The Abbats of Thorre (1937)

Hugh Robert Watkin

Henry of Blois, Bishop of Winchester: a patron of the twelfth-century renaissance (1994)

Nicholas Riall

In memoriam: Abbot Anscar Vonier 1875-1938 (1939)

Abbot Anscar Vonier: in memoriam

Anscar Vonier, Abbot of Buckfast: with some account of the restoration of the abbey and its church (1957)

Ernest Graf

Thomas Cranmer (1996)

Diarmaid MacCulloch

Dr. Hugh Boulter, Primate of Ireland (c.1740)

The Revd.Richard Bancroft, Archbishop of Canterbury ([1800?])

Reverend ..

Abbot Arch Bishop of Canterbury: from an original painting in the possession of Mr.Kingsly (c.1750)

Jacobus Houbraken

Dr.George Abbot, Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, etc.: from an original painting (c.1720)

Michael Van Der Gucht

Joannes D. Archiepiscopus Eborum ([1701])

Robert White

Thomas Secker, Archbishop of Canterbury (c.1760)

The Very Reverend Richard Chenevix Trench, D.D., Dean of Westminster (c.1860)

D. J. Pound

[Archibald Campbell Tait] ([1862])

Harry Hering

[William Thomson] (c.1880)

[William Thomson] ([1862?])

The Most Reverend Dr.John Tillotson late Archbishop of Canterbury (c.1695)

Robert White

[Richard Chenevix Trench] ([1862])

Harry Hering

Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury Ob 1556: from the original 'Gerbicus Fliccus' in the British Museum (1823)

C. Picart

William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury. Ob. 1645: from the original of Vandyke, in the collection of His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury (1823)

C. Picart

William Warham, Archbishop of Canterbury. Ob. 1532: from the original of Holbein, in the collection of His Grace, the Archbishop of Canterbury (1824)

R. Cooper

The Most Revd. Dr .Fredk. Cornwallis, Lord Arch-Bishop of Canterbury: accurately drawn & engravedfrom an original picture, taken from life (1783)

Archbishop Williams Lord Keeper: in the possession of William Cooper Esqr. (1742)

Jacobus Houbraken

The lives and characters ... of all the Protestant bishops .. (1720)

John Le Neve

His Grace the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury the most Rev. William Temple, D. Litt., D.D. (Oxon.) (1942)

Obituary : The Rght Hon. William Temple P.C., D.D., of Exeter Archbishop of Canterbury (1945)

An archbishop of Canterbury and his school (1941)

F. J. Snell

Some stories of a Devon Archbishop (1942)

Some ..

The Lord Archbishop of York (1934)

The family of de Fissacre and the murderers of Thomas a Beckett (1926)

G. T. Windyer Morris

The family of de Fissacre and the murderers of Thomas a Becket (1925)

Frances Rose-Troup

The family of de Fissacre and the murderers of Thomas a Beckett (1925)

Hugh Robert Watkin

William Warham, Archbishop of Canterbury and Lord Chancellor of England to K.Hen. VIII: from an excellent original in the Arch-Bishop's palace at Lambeth painted by Hans Holben (c.1737)

George Vertue

Echoes from Bishopsthorpe in the time of the late Archbishop Maclagan ([1915])

Florence Skirrow

William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury: his life and letters (1948)

F. A. Iremonger

William de Granville: Chancellor of England 1302-1305, Dean of Chichester 1303-1304 and Archbishop of York 1304-1315 ([1900?)

Roger Granville

The life of William Granville, Archbishop of York ([1900?)

Roger Granville

William Temple: church, state and society in Britain, 1880-1950 (1992)

John Kent

Memoirs of Archbishop Temple by seven friends (1906)

Records of archdeaconry of Barnstaple (1904)

John Frederick Chanter (Reverend)

The visitation of the Archdeaconry of Totnes, 1342 (1949)

G. C. Coulton

Acta of Hugh of Wells, Bishop of Lincoln, 1209-35 (2000)

Historic Collections relating to the Monasteries in Devon [including A letter to Charles Abel Moysey, D.D. Archdeacon of Bath, on ... an attack made by him upon the Catholics ... June 21, 1821] ([1821])

Peter Augustine Baines